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Cowgirl Soup

Cowgirl Soup Main Ingredients

For years the women involved in Cowgirl Soup have talked about this concept. We've talked about the things we love, and what we should do. In 2010 we made Cowgirl Soup a reality. "What is Cowgirl Soup?" It's all the things we love that make us who we are today. Since the days of the Wild West the cowgirl's grit and determination, combined with her courage and unwavering spirit, repeatedly made history, and helped shape our country today.

A cowgirl is an attitude that comes with responsibility. Be a strong woman, create strong friendships; laugh often and enjoy the ride. The journey is everything.

Courageous, Passionate & Untamed. Ain't Nothing But The Tip

Cowgirl Soup hopes to bring you the many sides of a Californian Cowgirl. We will continue to search for the things we love and offer them to you.

Ain't Nothing But The Tip Key Chains foreinclined
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