Hello everyone, so you may know that on July 18th, the Minecraft 1.13 Aquatic Update was officially released. This is the single largest update in Minecraft history, although it may not look like it. For most of you this update probably doesn't seem very significant because only a few updates to the gameplay and features were made. However, the reason I say this update is the biggest one yet is because of the massive backend API changes that the game has undergone. The primary focus of 1.13 for the game developers was all the technical stuff, not the new content. So …

Fight4Life Update 5

Fight4Life Update 5 is here! Anarchy game mode added! New portals in spawn for future content updates The survival portal now leads to a hub of survival related game modes, including Anarchy Combat mechanics updated Updated server icon in multiplayer menu Casino removed from survival as it caused players to become too wealthy: Pictures:  


Fight4Life Update 4 Has Arrived! Changes made: Fight4Life now uses the 1.8 protocol meaning you can log in using any client version from 1.8 to 1.12.2! Combat mechanics in the Factions realm have been modified to make shields/blocking more useful Shields can now be decorated in factions! You can now dual wield items in factions! A few optimizations were made in the server configurations