Organic coffee roasters featuring exclusively fair trade coffee that is shade grown.
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How your purchase goes for more than just coffee.
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As members of 1% For The Planet, we donate well over 1% of our gross annual sales to social & environmental organizations.
Green America
We are proud members of the Green America Business Network, the original socially responsible business network.

Grounds for Change is a certified organic coffee roaster specializing in 100% fair trade coffee. We roast Organic Fair Trade Coffee that is grown in shaded conditions and our Coffee of the Month Club is the perfect coffee gift for any occasion. Grounds for Change has a comprehensive Wholesale Coffee program for independent coffeehouses, as well as a Coffee Fundraiser for organizations. Every single bean we roast is certified Fair Trade Organic coffee.

Fair Trade Coffee
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Featuring notes of plum, coffee blossoms and toasted bread.

Fair Trade Coffee

Congo (DRC)
Sweet notes of vanilla, plum & blackberry with a silky body.

Coffee of the Month Club
Coffee Explorer, our Coffee of the Month Club, is the gift that keeps on giving! Enjoy a different coffee each month for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.
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CarbonFree® Certified Coffee
We are the first coffee roaster in the country to complete the rigorous certification process necessary to obtain CarbonFreeĀ® Certification.
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Cafe Femenino Coffees
These fair trade organic coffees are grown, processed and traded by women who then decide how to use the proceeds for bettering their lives and those of their children.
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Grounds for Change Coffee

  • Certified Organic Coffee
    Organic coffee is grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, thereby assuring the health of the soil, forest and farmers. All of the coffee we roast is certified organic coffee.

  • Certified Fair Trade Coffee
    Fair trade coffee gives farmers a better standard of living and producer cooperatives are guaranteed a minimum fair price for their crop. All of the coffee we roast is certified Fair Trade coffee.

  • Shade Grown Coffee
    Shade grown coffee protects migratory bird habitat, reduces clear-cutting in tropical rainforests, promotes biodiversity and enhances flavor.

  • CarbonFree® Certified Coffee
    To get a product certified CarbonFreeĀ®, a company must submit the item for a detailed Life Cycle Analysis, a third-party process that formally scrutinizes the carbon emissions associated with every step in production. The resulting analysis accounts for and offsets all carbon dioxide emissions, in our case, starting with a coffee plant and ending with an empty bag of coffee.

  • Wholesale Coffee Program
    Grounds for Change is proud to offer a unique coffee wholesale program for our Organic, Fair Trade coffee that is geared towards independent cafes.

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Organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee, coffee gifts & wholesale coffee.

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