I need my pills.

Mathematics is written for mathematicians.

She expected him to buy her an expensive gift.

There's no need for Metin to hurry.

What is indispensable to our lives, along with food and clothes, is housing.

You don't have to help if you don't want to.

Who the hell are you anyway?

Malcolm never said one word.

Which way did Evan go?

The sun appeared from behind the clouds.

Connie told Hans to mow the lawn.

He thinks it impossible for me to climb the mountain alone.

I'll talk to her alone.

Are you enjoying the holidays?

Nelken continued speaking.


This might hurt.

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She fell in love with her best friend.


I think we are sending the wrong message to Canadians.

Neither of them looks busy.

Can you sign your name here?

You got the whole pillow dirty!

I don't have the number.

The suspension bridge is miles above.

The world has changed.


The assignment took me longer than I had expected.

I love cookies.

Lenora volunteered to help Steven wash the dishes.


He doesn't have the ability to lead that group.

Pradeep was mortally wounded.

Marsh has no idea what he's getting into.

Some people sleep for only six hours or even less and yet they nevertheless feel fine.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful sunset?

Be careful or Lonhyn'll beat the living daylights out of you.

Go figure.

It is rare to find a Nepali translator.

You need to tell List the truth.


I just arrived at the hostel.

That was an angry bunny.

Australian women are very beautiful.

When I entered the room, I could hear Mozart playing on the radio.

Won't that be dangerous?

You played hooky yesterday?

Cathy needs you in his office.

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Can you answer it?


I can write you a letter.

You make me sick.

Knudsen is not as old as you.


Kees didn't want Heidi to drive drunk.

I'm starting to get a bad feeling about you.

You have a big stain on your sweater.

I don't know how to prove this math equation.

You don't want to think about Jeffrey, do you?

There's a new James Bond movie.

That book was so boring that I couldn't finish it.

To start with, I must thank you for your help.

I've got lots to say.


I also stopped sleeping.


I love karaoke.


I just ate sushi and drank beer.

Room service. May I help you?

I got an F in chemistry.


In case of an emergency, get in touch with my agent right away.

He hid his emotions and pretended enthusiasm.

She likes jazz, and I do, too.

The book you gave me is very interesting.

He told me that she will not tell him what happened to me on the day he saw me talking about the story about the girl who got killed.


Where do you think I should go?

It's going to be a long meeting.

The art of losing isn't hard to master.

Izzy doesn't know when to quit.

The guide who took us there was only ten years old.

I'm not a fan of liberalism.

I am sure of winning the tennis match.


Teresa started clearing the table.


With that big salary you're getting I guess you've saved up quite a lot.

Keep it down, Kristian.

I wanna want.


I must needs do this work today.

It was a week before Jane got over her cold.

My dog is always barking.

Barrett rented an apartment near his mother's.

I want to have a good time.

I will not be busy tomorrow.

Anna can understand Honzo's problem to some extent.

This place looks just the same as it used to.

These shoes belong to Reiner.


We don't know where Stevan is, but we need to find him as soon as we can.

It's almost too late.

Scot is being very secretive.

I think both Jeffie and Lisa are lying.

I hate his hat.

Contact your local police if you have any information on Tyler Jackson's whereabouts.

Are you going to eat that cupcake?

I also lost my cell phone!

You didn't tell me Indra was so handsome.

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Are they planning an attack?


I recommend studying French.

The company is at the end of its rope.

Have you been here all day?

I like carrots least of all.

Guillermo was in jail.


You're ill with flu.

Carter does exactly what I tell him to do.

We need money.

Valerie said that you and he went camping last weekend.

No one knows how it works.


My tail hurts!

I don't know what else you expect me to do.

That would fix the problem.


The cave is easy to get to.


I need to do it now.

I passed all my tests.

Tell Dalton I don't need his help.

I like these.

They are making every effort for the promotion of world peace.

Are you coming to the store with me?

Masanobu was the first one to arrive this morning.

I knew it!

Isn't that a little overdramatic, Takao?


Klaudia broke both of his legs.


Kusum has a list of things he needs to do.


Can I stop over in Chicago?

I'd appreciate it if you'd wait a little while longer.

I wonder who it was.

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My boyfriend lied to me.


She lived there for years.

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Dan mailed wedding invitations to all of his friends.

I am not feeling quite up to par.

Did Henry say how long he'd be in Boston?

Snap out of it!

This is a waterproof clock.

Too bad, you need to leave for Japan.

We love each other and that's the only thing that matters.

He knows every trick in the book.

Stephan is looking forward to going to Boston.

Lynn and Ariel have gone.

The baby was amusing itself with the cat's tail.

The dentist took her broken tooth out.

He is suffering from a cold.


Avery has blue eyes.

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I remember meeting them somewhere.

Can you just keep an eye on Howard?

No one says that anymore.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

The whole class burst into laughter at the teacher's joke.

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The train slowed down to a stop.

I'm actually shocked.

All the people who were here have left.


Annard hid in our basement for three days.

Steve did not come home.

Life begins when you pay taxes.


Although the arguments were rational, he was not convinced.

He saved the drowning boy at the risk of his own life.

Do you have any idea what Joubert was doing in Boston?

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I think Al loves Srinivasan.


We need to talk about this.

Jared's family loved me.

Have you ever dreamed about me?

Siping is boiling the potatoes to make potato salad.

It is very hot here in summer.

The train passed by us.

We are candid.