Let's get physical.

Reduce pain, speed recovery and get lasting relief through individualized exercise programs and on-going support from an expert physical therapist.

A New Approach

We’ve removed the unnecessary and complicated parts of physical therapy so you can focus on getting better. Physera is built to support you.

Reduce Pain

On average, participants see a 60% reduction in pain in the first month.

Stay On Track

We help you stay motivated every step of the way. In fact, participants are 2.5x more likely to stay on track.

Feel Lasting Relief

You’ll build a routine that works for you – allowing you to maintain pain reduction long after the program.

No drugs.
No procedures.
No exam rooms.

Expert physical therapy that fits in your pocket.

  • Start with a video visit

    We’ll pair you with an expert who will listen and support you every step of the way.

  • App-guided exercises

    The app will remind when to do your exercises and talk you through them to help you keep a steady pace and proper technique.

  • On-going support

    We consistently solicit feedback and adjust exercises in real-time. We’re always available to answer questions and keep you moving.

Designed to target and treat the source of pain.

Sore back, stiff neck, or a shoulder you can’t sleep on anymore? Our expert PTs design personalized recovery programs that fit you.

Get back to doing the things you love

Join today to start your journey to pain-free.