An interfaith think tank based in Sacramento, CA.

We promote all faith traditions by teaching truth with honor, respect, love, encouragement, enlightenment, service and sharing. This helps all of humanity, who we believe to be children of God, that we might all better live together in goodness, understanding and peace.

We teach and share in a way that all can come to understand some of our differences and all of our similarities.

This is Our Work

CISA Journal

Published three times a year in February, June & October. Each journal includes articles written by scholars, students, or clergy on each of the five topics we study: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Eastern Religions, and Other Religions. 503-688-9447

Interfaith Forum

Each April & September, we host guest speakers on college campuses to talk about religious culture and study. Additional smaller forums, classes, seminars and interfaith presentations are also hosted during each calendar year in various places in America. 9075457030

Annual Dinner

Each year we honor those who share their interfaith approach via the written word in our journal.