If I find your passport, I'll call you.

The view from the mountain top was spectacular.

When will lunch be ready?

What if they don't like me?

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Let me see your wound.

Just give him a call.

I like to fish in the river.

Queen Liliuokalani was forced to surrender.

Could you keep an eye out for the postman?


Carolyn is learning very quickly.

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Of the 23 who were arrested, four escaped.

Andy must have practiced very hard.

She has never had a bad experience.

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It is silly of you to trust them.

Stephan pointed to the picture on the wall.

"There are no cakes left?" "I ate them both..."

We are bringing down the old house.

He crushed the insect mercilessly.


Jwahar is a very lucky man.


Show me some others.


Have you taken a bath?

I don't think what you need has been invented yet.

The Locomotive Act of 1865 required cars driving on public roads to be preceded by a man on foot waving a red flag and blowing a horn.


I don't want you to worry about anything.


Gotta paint it.

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I thought Geoffrey might not like Thai food.

Nothing much is happening yet.

It doesn't matter what we do.

It took Raj an hour to get to school.

He was in his home in Cambridge, England.

You should ask Robert about all of this.

I want to ride a bicycle, because I live far from my school.

Hasn't Jim returned yet?

He helps us.

It's all white.

He raised a weapon against me.


I won't disappoint you.

People have supper around eight-thirty in France.

Mysore couldn't keep from smiling.

She left the last page blank.

I can't straighten out my back.

It was the best chocolate mousse my guests and me had eaten in a long time.

I can't keep living like this.

As fluently as she speaks French, she may have studied in France.

We can see things in the distance using a telescope.

These two shirts are made from the same material.

I can't understand this word.

I just read a book.

It's not clear right now whether time travel is really something that exists in reality but its possibility has been proven by theoretical physics.

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The city was full of starving soldiers.

Listen carefully and do exactly what I tell you.

This work is beyond my grasp.

Let's try to be discrete about this.

Knut lied about what happened.

He wrote to his parents.

Please wait five minutes.

The library is open to all students.

Larry's got the right idea.

Are they brothers?

I was barely able to get him out.

Where can I leave my bike?

I think Rusty likes you.


The joke fell flat.

What was the last movie you went to see?

You're free to say what you think.

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A special task force managed to catch a suicide terrorist downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan.

There's a good restaurant not too far from here.

This is the perfect place for those who seek a quiet vacation.

They'll love that.

Pay attention to his advice.

Your hair looks great.

It is hard to speak in public.

It's something really embarrassing.

Girls have a lot more pressure than guys to look good.


I'm not being rude.

So what happened to you anyway?

Benson hurried out the door.


Our arrival at Narita was delayed by an hour.

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We're students.

Has something happened to Kieran?

I'm not sitting next to Shutoku.

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Dominick thinks that Lex won't be able to pay all her bills this month.

Laurel went into the next room.

If anybody can help us, it's Amanda.

Carter and Huashi weren't injured.

Just give it a chance.

The man is checking in at a hotel.

I will come up with a solution to the problem.

Longfin Batfish, or Platax Teira, have recently been seen near Hawaii.

Things are the same, but people have changed.

Bernard is the only boy in his class.

I told Gabriel that he couldn't speak French.

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A turkey is a little bigger than a chicken.

This place is large, isn't it?

I have a brainstorm teacher.

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Have you ever seen Lin's mother?

Not only she but also you are wrong.

Maria was bedridden. The only contact she had with the outside world was via the TV broadcasts.

Roxane held the door open for Todd.

He has changed his mind about going abroad by air.

Would you care for some refreshments?

Honzo left his children.


I'm real proud of Nicolette.


Who lives in the house next door?

Stay cool and keep going.

Frankenstein is a work of art.

He knows how to argue with the manager.

I just don't want to die.

It was unfortunate that he lost his passport.

You're my only joy.

He's a teacher and so am I.

I don't think that technology provides us with everything we need.


I'm sitting in my office thinking about you.

The dog is asleep.

You don't say.


Sanity didn't want Matthew to leave the house.

Gretchen committed suicide because he was bullied at school.

Wilmer listened to what Novorolsky was saying.


She has a marvelous sense of humor.

What'll grow in this soil?

Do you ever think about it?

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We're looking for somewhere to live.

Shamim always makes me angry.

I completely forgot to make something for us to eat.

I dreamed of coming to class naked.

We haven't said yes yet.

He brought me a coffee even though I had asked for a tea.

We accused him of having stolen the bike.

I'm poor, and I can't buy it.

I wish you both nothing but happiness.

That's all there is to it.

The exhibition was a product of his imagination.

She had entirely too much makeup on.

I met them backstage.


What does this sign signify?

Jarmo's a very impatient, angry person.

They called them traitors.

I won't lie to him.

He withdrew his hand from the table.


A wink was his only answer.

This medicine will decrease your pain.

Angus made it clear that he didn't want me here.


Without the sun, there would be no life.


Meanwhile, you can stay with us.

Lanny was bullied at school because of his weight.

Please let me drive your new Toyota, too.

We had to postpone the meeting due to the traffic accident.

Form two lines.

On the 2nd of September 1792 when the general massacre of the prisoners took place at Paris, M. Sombreuil was on the point of being sacrificed when he was rescued from the hands of the assassins by the heroic conduct of his daughter, though on the dreadful condition that she would drink success to the republic in a goblet of blood!

We were unsure what kind of person Kee would be and whether he would like to live in the same house as us.

I play basketball with him.

Horses eat grass.

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You should discount his story.


I'm busy by now.

What could've given you that idea?

I think you'd remember that.

I cannot chew. I do not have teeth.

He's a jerk.

Can you get this stuff out of here?

Hirofumi is here for you.

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Irfan showed interest in the plan.

Many people were waiting in line.

I called Ole to thank him.

Grant is eating a cake.

Where can I buy it?

She offered her seat to an old woman.

Maarten is one of my old drinking buddies.