As you might imagine, the entire NACC Crew is heading down to Austin this week (barring Stella the Nor’easter getting in the way) so things may be a little slow around the NACC offices. We’ll be working as hard as possible to tabulate the chart in the usual fashion, but if there’s a slight delay, you’ll know why. Likewise on the email. Please excuse delayed responses.

Past that, it was a wild weekend around here. A power outage followed by a generator failure at our server farm in Vancouver led to the site being down for a few hours. If you tried to log in and got a weird “database error,”  that was the cause. Our tech folks worked with the hosting folks to diligently get things back on track. From what we can tell the chart will run normally this week, and we’ll keep you posted if that changes. If you tried to enter a chart over the weekend (and had difficulty), please login again before 2:30pm EST tomorrow to do so. And as always, if you spot anything strange or run into any problems, please email us