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We are a specialist brokerage designed to assist algorithmic traders beat the cheats and thugs on the dealing desk. We used to be traders just like you. We were cheated by our brokers just like you. We wanted to make a living trading just like you. We did. Now it’s your turn – let us show you how.

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

If that’s true, then how many words is a video worth? Watch these videos to understand what really goes on in the world of Forex. Enlighten yourself like hundreds of other traders and make an informed decision.

No Virtual Dealer Plugin

With us, you will have access to a transparent, reliable brokerage that is built on high moral grounds. We have no virtual dealer plugin or any other plugin that can be used to manipulate your trades, price or any factor that can make you lose a trade. If you know what you’re doing, there’s absolutely no reason why you would lose any trade on our brokerage.

No Execution Delay

Unlike dirty dealing desk brokers, we do not add any execution delay to your trades. Our servers are in LD4. If you use a cross connected VPS, your latency to us will be less than 5ms. With such latency, you can rest assured that there’s no reason for your algorithmic trading to not work on our brokerage. With us, there’s no execution delay. EVER.

No Stop Loss Hunting

Most brokers will never even admit that stop loss hunting is real. We know it is real because as traders we have been on the receiving end of this stuff. Our main goal is to get you to win. Being a pure STP we don’t have any motivation to let you lose because when you lose, you lose to the liquidity provider…not us. So it’s not in our best interest to hunt your stop losses.

A Global Phenomenon

Hundreds of traders from all over the world are making the switch to Manhattan Global Markets every day. Each one, for a unique reason. But one thing that’s common among all our traders is that almost every single one of them was scammed by a dealing desk broker and were close to the edge of never wanting to trade again…until, of course they discovered Manhattan Global Markets.

Ed is a budding algo trader from Malaysia. He has been consistently posting 70% plus returns and is one of our trading champions. Its a great story.

There are many others like Edmund. Checkout our (709) 528-8180 to see what other traders say about Manhattan Global Markets.


We have a simple philosophy

Trading the markets is not an easy occupation. 70% of the world’s economic oputput does not come from the sale and purchase of goods/services but from the manipulation of financial instruments. That’s what has made the world of Forex (alone) a 5.3 Trillion Dollar a day industry. With so much money involved, corruption, scandals, cheating and stealing is imminent.

Wall Street was never about making you money. It was always about taking your money. 99% of brokers in the market are exactly like that. We have been on the receiving end of this kind of cheating behavior and after having traded the markets full time for a number of years, our CEO decided to exploit the secrets he learnt and give the opportunity back to those that truly need it.

Wall Street is rich enough. It doesn’t need any more money. You and I do. However, its not as easy as opening a trade and closing it with a profit. Continue to read about our philosophy and see how we plan to be your broker partner for life.

Life is Complicated. Our Account Types are not

At Manhattan Global Markets, we like to keep things really simple. This way we don’t need to spend too much money educating either you or our staff about the various options that can exist as far as trading account types are concerned.

One plan. One way of doing business. Simple.

  • We provide accounts in USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, SGD and ZAR base currency
  • 24/6 Customer Service
  • No Dealing Desk
  • No Commissions
  • 100% TRUE ECN/STP Processing

*Only available to accounts with balance greater than $5000 at any given time.

What’s with all the FREE stuff?

When a broker offers you things for free, it usually means that he’s got something else up his sleeve because there are no free lunches in this world.

However, its not quite the same with Manhattan Global Markets. We are not giving you any free money (like many brokers do through bonuses and cash back offers).

We are giving you free tools, trading signals and algorithms to help you trade more  frequently and with a minimum 83% win rate across all our free tools, you’ve got a better chance of realizing your goals of trading the markets because machines are better at this than humans.

Being a Straight Through Processor that charges no commissions on each trade, our only revenue from you is the spread. So for us to make money, we’ve got to make sure you trade. So its a simple give-and-take really.

Why should we be your brokers?

There are hundreds of brokers out there, each claiming to be more special than the other with better this, better that and a promise to bend over backwards to win your business. We are not going to sing the same song to you. Our advantage over others is simple. Here are the 7 reasons why its in your best interest to work with us.



We’ve been full time traders for a long time. If we told you the number of times we have lost trades because of our broker dealing against us it will make your blood boil. Well it should if you have any sense of compassion for another persons’ loss. When we decided to start our own brokerage, we vowed to NEVER be like the scum of the earth brokers running dealing desks, trading against you.

Impeccable Value

Impeccable Value

We are the only brokerage in the market today that is offering multiple FREE tools (not education or bonus cash back so we can steal it right back from you) that have been developed over years of retail trading and tested over some of the most fickle and volatile market conditions. Our goal is to equip you with the best tools we can to help you succeed and make a decent living trading the markets.

Walking Together

Walking Together

You trade, we make money. You don’t trade, we don’t make money. Now if you trade and lose all the time, you’re not going to want to trade very much (or for long). So this is why we give you the right tools to help you trade AND win – more than 85% of the time. We are on your side of the table. We owe it to ourselves to help you win. Without that, we don’t have a business.

Straight Shooters

Straight Shooters

You won’t get any free bonuses or cash back offers from us. Your credit card deposits aren’t going to be for free and neither will you get 1000:1 leverage from us. These are the tricks of scammy brokers. We have a real business and real costs. We will pass on these costs to you. We are not here to save you money. We are here to make you money.

We are Algo Traders

Winning Algos

We are giving you our entire set of tools we used to make a serious living from the markets – enough to setup a brokerage today. Do you think its cheap? So if our algos made us this kind of money, do you think its valuable enough for you that we are sharing these same algos with you 100% free – all you have to do is join our brokerage and let the results do the talking.

No Extra Noise

No Extra Noise

Most brokers will flood you with promotions, seminar invitations, email newsletter .. NOISE. We don’t. We provide you with actionable information that you can use right away to trade and make a living. It takes skill and experience to trade the markets. Our tools give you our skills tested over time in the form of winning algos.

Multi-Instrument Trading

Multiple Instruments

Some instruments are less fickle than others so depending on your financial goals and trading style, you can choose the right instrument set for you and develop your skills, learn the tricks of the trade and use our tools to maximize your earning potential. We’re not just going to guide you…we’re going to trade WITH you.

Free Tools For Every Trader

Being a full time trader requires a lot of focus, discipline, tenacity and analytical skills. For someone new to the world of trading the markets, they can get lost very easily and get sucked into finding the “holy grail” – it doesn’t exist.

However, we’re giving away (100% Free) our entire algorithmic trading arsenal that helped us put food on our table every day for the last 5 years as a full time trader.

Custom Indicators

Every successful trader uses a bunch of well designed, reliable custom indicators that help with all the technical analysis that a trader needs to do for the security he/she is looking to trade.

These custom indicators are available for every trader from within the MT4 platform. Our indicators work across all timeframes and every security you can trade through the Manhattan Global Markets. Every trader that opens a live account and deposits $1000 gets the following indicators for FREE.

Support/Resistance Indicator

This indicator draws support and resistance lines on the chart for any period that you specify. You can specify the support and resistance lines to be calculated based on a certain number of candles/bars or hours/minutes.

In addition to showing you prominent support/resistance levels, this indicator also shows you the range (in pips) formed between the support/resistance levels and the current spread.

More about the 978-769-3120

BUY/SELL Arrows Indicator

This is a very powerful indicator that paints arrows on the chart for when there is an opportunity to enter a buy trade or a sell trade. The indicator does not re-paint which means you can enter the trade as soon as the alert shows up on your platform.

Read more about the (947) 523-1594.

Trend Histogram Indicator

This histogram indicator uses Moving Averages across multiple time frames and a proprietary algorithmic formula to determine the true trend of a security. Use this in conjunction with the Buy/Sell Arrow indicator for MT4 and see your trading results improve significantly.

Read more about the 4047884117.

Expert Advisors

Having a sustainable trading strategy takes years to develop. Converting a manual trading strategy into an automated strategy takes further years of testing. When you’re just starting out in the world of trading the markets, you are likely to have a day job and you just need some extra income on the side.

What better way to do it than to have a proven manual strategy automated and perfected over years to trade on your behalf while you’re at your day-job or enjoying time with your family at the beach.

Breakout Strategy

This MT4 Expert Advisor (EA) looks for breakout opportunities on the 15 Minute chart for any security. Once it detects an impending breakout, the EA intelligently places pending orders at the right levels with take profit and stop loss values ready to execute as soon as price moves and meets the level detected by the EA.

Read more about the Breakout Expert Advisor for MT4 with full back-test results, screenshots and videos of the EA in action.

Trend Trading Strategy

There’s no question about the fact that trading a trending market maximizes your profit potential significantly. However, the biggest challenge with new traders is being able to accurately and reliably identify a trend. Identifying the trend, however, is only half the battle. Knowing when the trend is about to run out of steam and when to plan an exit is where most traders lose money or exit with low profits. 

This EA is highly optimized for EURUSD, GBPJPY, USDCHF, SP500, XAUUSD, UK100 and certain stocks on the M15 and H1 timeframe.

Read more about the 575-200-1613

Range Trading Strategy

70% of the time a security moves within a tight range so it makes sense to trade the range and not just look for breakouts and strong trends. A ranging market happens when a security is in a period of consolidation (before/after major events), a cycle of indecision (macro and fundamental economic factors cause this), or is caught in a range-bound movement due to the security being in a (perceived) fiscal mess.

The Range Trading EA for MT4 accurately identifies the range and uses pending limit orders to automatically enter a trade as the pair approaches the top and bottom of the range.

Read more about the (833) 420-6457.

Hybrid Tools

If you’re new to the world of trading, you should consider trading manually for the first few months and use our algorithmic trading tools as a guide. For manual traders, emotion and lack of discipline is the biggest killer.

When a trade moves against you, as a trader, your natural reaction is “no… I’m not going to take this loss because I know that the market is going to move back in my favor” – really? When was the last time that actually happened (I mean the market moved back in your favor after a major loss making move).

Trailing Stop Loss Manager

Money management is the number one secret of successful traders. This requires a lot of discipline and skill that comes with time. Cut your learning curve short by using the automatic Trailing Stop Loss Manager that will automatically adjust your stops as the trade moves in your favor.

This system alone was solely responsible for us traders getting a good nights’ sleep because while the trades were running, the Trailing Stop Loss manager was automatically managing the trade and closing positions with the maximum profit that could be realized for a trade.

Read more about the Trailing Stop Loss Manager for MT4

Multi-Trade Manager

Speaking of money management, one of the other pitfalls every trader falls into at some point is a violent move in the market where the stops get caught out due to the manipulation of what’s known as Smart Money or Professional Money.

The Multi-Trade Manager has a built in system for automatically managing position sizes and adding stop losses for EVERY trade you open with the click of a button.

The Multi-Trade Manager is capable of placing pending orders (Stop and LIMIT) as well as market orders with brilliant precision.

Read more about the Multi-Trade Manager.

Fibonacci Deflectors

During our days as full time traders, we discovered some very interesting facts about how securities behave in the context of mathematics and the study of nature. 

For example, we discovered that there’s something freaky about the number eleven. 11, 29, 47, 83, 137 – These numbers, we identified, were so powerful in predicting the direction of a chart that we could no longer ignore it and built an indicator that paints lines at these levels.

When price approaches these numbers, it deflects or breaks through with such tremendous force that you have to wonder, what is it about these numbers that just wrecks all logic.

Turns out, these numbers are what’s known as Fibonacci Prime numbers and the sum of the two digits is….you guessed it… ELEVEN.

Read more about the Fibonacci Deflector Indicator.

Trading Platform

We exist to enable traders have access to the best, fastest, most efficient and intelligent trading platforms currently available. To that affect, we currently offer 3 specific trading platforms to all our traders.

Metatrader 4, the industry gold standard for trading the markets is available for all account types, starting at only $500 minimum deposit. Currently Metatrader is available for Windows and MAC desktops only.



FIX API is not so much a platform, but a tool for trading, used mainly by institutional, high volume traders. With ultra low latency and super fast trade execution, our FIX API is the REAL DEAL. Designed specifically for high frequency traders, our FIX API trading account is a must-have for all serious traders.

cTrader is one of the most advanced and sophisticated trading platforms we’ve come across recently. Available in Windows, Web, MAC, iOS and Android versions, cTrader will give you a significant edge in your trading.

Read More About cTrader

Trading Instruments

Manhattan Global Markets is proud to bring you a great mix of
instruments you can trade using our platform.

  • More than 50 Pairs of Forex

  • 15 Global Indices

  • 35 Blue Chip NYSE/NASDAQ/LSE Stocks

  • All Spot Metals

Liquidity Like No Other

A successful STP brokerage needs to have as many liquidity connections as possible in order to provide the best spread, lowest slippage and NO Requotes regardless of market conditions. Here’s our list of liquidity providers. No one in the market can beat such depth – you can try.

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