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Ziegelmeyer: Underwater UFOs and Bases

Debbie Ziegelmeyer: Imperial, Missouri MUFON Ranks and Positions: MUFON Board of Directors, Missouri MUFON State Director, MUFON Star Team Investigator, MUFON Benefactor, Founder: MUFON Dive Team Debbie is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, First Responder, Underwater UFO/USO Search and Recovery Instructor, PADI Master Scuba Instructor and PADI Rescue Diver Instructor. She also holds PADI […]



The disappearance of the small plane pilot, Frederick Valentich, over Bass Strait in 1978 has been Australia’s most enduring UFO mystery. While flying out of Moorabbin to King Island in Bass Strait, Fred reported seeing an unidentified aircraft following him then approaching to orbit above. He described the UFO as having a shiny metal surface […]


F15 Fighter Chases UFO Over Vancouver

Statement of law enforcement officer received by James E Clarkson on 07/13/2014. He contacted me and related this account on the basis that his identity would be protected. I spent substantial time interviewing him and I am convinced that this is a true High Strangeness Event: highly credible witness reporting an extraordinary aerial vehicle that […]

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December UFO/Paranormal Events Throughout History

As a UFO/Paranormal Investigator, December is my favorite month out of the year because there’s always one guaranteed UFO-type sighting, which occurs late December 24th. But what about the month of December in general, have there been some popular unusual events in the past? Yep, and here’s a few good ones worth mentioning. UFO related: […]

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sea front

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A surge of recent scientific and political interest in Antarctica is driven by secret excavations of a flash frozen civilization found under its ice shelves. Whistleblower claims that the civilization was a result of an extraterrestrial colony established by refugees who came from the Moon approximately 60,000 years ago will be presented to shed light […]


The UFOs of Summer – Or We Are Looking for a Few Good Investigators

Here are some facts about UFO reports and investigations that you may not know or perhaps, you have not considered. I am sharing how they play out from my perspective – when you are planning an organizational strategy for Washington MUFON with limited resources. I am hoping through feedback with some hopefully good ideas, or […]



I worked on my aunt and uncle’s farm during the summer of 1952.

During the first day, right away while racking hay, I saw this coffin sitting in the field – figures 1 & 2. It looked like a strange piece of farm equipment. It was not more than 10 yards away from me.

When eating lunch, I told my uncle about it. We went out to look at it and it had moved. My uncle said he would contact his neighbors to see who put the coffin in his hay field. I continued racking – figures 3.

After supper that night we went out again and it was still there. When we tried to touch it, it moved slightly and our hands went into it, giving us the feeling of a mild electric shock – figure 4. When we backed away, it lifted off of the ground and hovered with a glow around it and with its headlights dimly shining – figure 5.    620-404-4893

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Today’s Feature Foster Story…..an on-going series….#2 #2 — An eternal day in Santa Fe – defeating the time/space continuum with many manifestations of UFOs Posted on July 2, 2018 by jafos By john Foster During my so-called UFO encounters we saw the strange crafts and objects manifest from normal three dimensional atmosphere…..believe it or not. […]

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27 April, 2018 Meeting – The Julsrud Figurines & The Woman Who Loved An Alien – Elizabeth Klarer

with Lee Paqui In 1945, Waldemar Julsrud discovered the first of what grew to be a collection of over 33,000 inexplicable clay figures and carvings buried in the vicinity of Acambaro, Mexico. The ‘Julsrud Collection’ as the Acambaro figurines became known, are out-of-place artefacts, and as such have been actively discredited by archaeological and paleontological […]


Today’s Featured Foster UFO Story….an on-going series……#3

Identical UFOs were seen and scketched, half a World away…one by John in Eastern Nebraska and one by a tribesman out in the bush in South Africa This article is a part of a contribution written in the book Eminent Discovery by Bob Teets in the late 1980s. (He is speaking about an incident that […]