I just wanted to take care of you.

You should write HANDLE WITH CARE on the parcel that contains the teacups.

Please point out the articles you want to buy.

In the heat of the moment, Shawn slapped Christofer.

He asked me questions similar to those asked by many others.

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This is an epic story.

March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.

The chakras are constantly spinning. If they weren't, the physical body couldn't exist.


It's too late to back out now.

We received some new information.

Have you had recent contact with Mr. Leblanc?


You can't fire me.

Let's forget about this.

We've got to find her.


Please return one set to us with your signature.

Do you happen to know the time?

She and her twin sister were born just five minutes apart.

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It has fertile soil where corn be grown.

I eat a boiled egg for breakfast every day.

Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?

I'm not the only one who agrees with Siegurd.

Pictures are amazing!


That seems pretty cool.


Duke eventually became a doctor.

You'll be impressive.

Welcome to the first French class.


Jingbai asked me what I want.

I have a passport.

This was his first job.

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I don't know anything about cooking.


The trolls play a role in Iceland.


Atuqtuaq eats the seal blubber uncooked.

She is a professor.

Pravin would like to go with you.

I'll answer any question, as long as it pertains to Rampart.

We woke to terrible news this morning.

Ranjit and Shutoku have gone to Australia.

I'm bursting for a wee and I can't find a washroom.

Cole wanted to get married to Ira.

You're avoiding me.

If we need your help, we'll call you.

All we need is water.


He is most likely to succeed.


According to the paper, there was an earthquake in Peru.

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Let's get this job done.

No one is responding.

If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?

She became a doctor.

She clearly does not mean it.

What I really want to hear about is Kevin's new girlfriend.

He was honest in business.

Muriel is twenty years old.

That might not be so bad.

Is there something on your mind?

May I shave your sideburns?

Our car will run out of petrol in 2 minutes.

Owls are cute.

Just get over here.

Happiness consists of working toward one's goals.

For them who are used to live in hell, it is unbearable in paradise. For this reason, the Russian diaspora in the United States have voted for Donald Trump.

You don't need to answer that letter.

His proposal is worthy to be considered.

Have you ever heard of something similar?

Go that way.

I have no further questions.


Oh, no. I broke a string in my racket.

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Evelyn was a doctor in Australia.

I don't see any reason why you can't come with us.

I want to be ready to leave when Isidore gets here.

Hello. May I talk to Mr Johnson, please?

It was easy for you to find a taxi.

You seem a million miles away.

Don't be frightened.

Did you ask Torsten why he was leaving?

Don't jump to any conclusions.


Show it to me on the map.

Where's my umbrella?

"I lost my wallet," lamented John.

You're done.

What came over you?


Is there any chance that you have eaten any of the contaminated food?

Whomsoever she invites, she is quite hospitable.

When I am going to visit someone I look up to, I first write to him and tell him why.

I don't have time to explain it.

Phillip is really strong.


I just want to know one thing.

It continues to grow.

I have waited a full three hours.

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Business will recover soon.

You think you're better than me, don't you?

Perfectionists find it harder to function than average people.


I think Ruth might be older than me.


Jeany might have borrowed the money he needed from someone else.

Ninja doesn't feel like studying.

I'm here to assist you.

All human beings have brains, except Chet.

I knew it would work out this way.

Lucifer can't have written this by himself.

He hasn't started soldering the electronic components on the printed circuit board yet.

How much have you found out?

I didn't want to insult them.


The firm has a great deal of trust in your ability.

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I think I've been here before.


I'm here to see him.

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Ask Trang if he's going out this evening.


What an odd expression!


Can you make it on time?


The gardener didn't let us walk on the grass.

What kind of law does he practice?

I'm too tired to do anything now.

Are you so stupid that you can't see it?

What do you find so interesting about Anthony?

"It must bother you to have taken a bad master." "I'm stupid too. So, it's all right."

He cooked dinner for her.

This company achieved a remarkable increase in turnover last year.

He is not an open book.

Jef is extremely resourceful.

Now I'd like to talk for a bit about the European Union.


Ozan didn't realize what was expected of him.

I have to have that.

He bought a new car.


He set fire to his own house.

They went inside.

Joe felt his knees tremble.

I awoke from a dream.

It would be best if I met him in person.

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"What were you like in high school?" "I was quiet but really good at chemistry."


I love it when that happens.

We didn't need to do that.

It really was crowded.

The eyepatch is annoying and I have no rum, ship, parrot and have not found any hidden treasures or booty yet.

You can't all come in at the same time!


He took to Akiko from the moment he met her.

Who can help you learn German?

I would love to read a book on the history of laughter.


He cannot afford a holiday.

Why would we want to do that?

Everybody's really angry.

Child, my name is Jesus and I'm your father.

We need an answer.

I just got Edmond to sleep.

We're fixing it up.

He was looking for a fight.

My initial assumption was correct.

Fritz is kind of standoffish.

Stop phubbing me.

I don't like beets.

When they finally found him, it was too late.

They weren't doing anything wrong.

They don't deal in political matters.

I didn't have enough money to buy everything you asked me to buy.

She is skipping school.

Since my mother was sick, I stayed home from school.

I'd like to breast-feed my baby.

He was cheered by the good news.

I have the information you wanted.

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I gave my father a silk tie.

The interrogation is over.

I like his attitude.

Many people are still missing.

We'll meet when you are back!


She loved fat men, so she decided to convert to Buddhism.