He was trying to find the guy who hit him on the head.

Syun may not need our help.

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Give me a chance.

What was the last book you read?

I can't speak the Berber language, but someday I will speak it well.


When I was young I used to pray for a bike. Then I realized that God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness.

Is anyone out there with her?

It was pretty obvious.

Either they don't want to or they can't.

Johnny never received the money Jelske sent him.

Does globalisation mean the disappearance of local sluts?

She surpasses me in English.

Stacey started leaving.

Don't let it trouble you.

How fascinating!

Randolph saw many familiar faces.

Come back in.

I don't want to seem insensitive.

The audience stopped clapping.

Can I make a suggestion?

I'm baking a cake for Mosur's birthday.

What happened to your foot?

I promise I won't tell anyone where you are.

Valerie likes Japanese food a lot.


I simply don't understand.


Your patience irritates me.


Holly says he understands how you feel.

This book is a whodunit.

Girls, that just wasn't good enough.

A man will succeed to the same extent as he perseveres.

That girl whose hair is long is Judy.

In medical research, one of the first problems is to isolate the cause of the disease.

Choice is a matter of taste.

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Manjeri is a very lazy boy.

Do you dream about me?

I want some popcorn.

Every student in the class knows the fact.

Do you want to go to Boston or not?

You'll have to go.

I hope Dory is more careful next time.

You can get good food for a modest sum at the restaurant.

There's not a whole lot happening right now.


After eight months, he eventually started dating girls again.

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I'm going to go find a doctor.

Wake up and pay more attention!

Money is power.

I would like to be there in good time.

This reviewer will also ever pray in the interest of the English language that the word "cute" be banished from the pages of serious literature.

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Just one part of what he said got picked up by the media and took on a life of its own.

Who is this person?

Larry squeezed the lemon.


It's understandable that you should feel this way.


What crime did Lars commit?

I didn't even have a chance to talk to Phillip.

Monica believes whatever Tao tells him.

To see her smile, you would be charmed.

Russia is a threat to the whole civilized world.


Go home now.

The students bowed to their teacher.

It's not good to read in a dark room.

Penguins are accomplished swimmers.

As soon as I entered the class, the students began asking me questions.


We average 8 hour's work a day.

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She paid him four dollars.


Turn your bag inside out.

Your efforts came to nothing.

Defending their land has now become a sin?


At anytime an invitation you can't decline.


You remember it better than I do.


Noemi thought he had time.


We took a long hike up to the summit.


What time did you wake up?

It's a tourist trap.

What do you think Suyog did in Boston?

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I got letters from a person I've never met.


She made a name for herself as a singer.

All Novo really wanted was something to eat.

Noemi needed a hammer.


Why is Saul upset?

Lee did not agree that the situation was hopeless.

I left my umbrella here last week.

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That was unrealistic.

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Did you cry when I was gone?

We missed you very much at the party yesterday. We had a very good time indeed.

What else can I do to help?


Marci and Theodore each took a sip of wine.

Possibly she will not come.

You should just relax and go to sleep.


Terroristic actions happened in Sri Lanka.


I have a sailboat.

I gave money to the old man in the road.

I must admit, you're right.


Turkeer has found a way to do it.

This guy's great at pitching curveballs.

They should be out in a minute.

I won't go out until it stops raining.

Wind energy has been used to some extent in many countries.


He bore criticism with great indulgence.

Family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

I think Ravindran is self-centered.


Let's go get wasted.

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My father's factory turns out 30,000 cars each month.


I was surprised when I saw Harv hit Blaine.


I'll wait for you in the car.


I deal with those kinds of problems every day.

You've got this.

Everything is interconnected.

I completely forgot the number.

Reading is to the mind what food is to the body.

Seize this brigand! Prevent him from escaping!

He will stay here for a long period.

Richard lives in Cairo.

You fucked up my life.

Don't you ever get tired of doing that?

I'm asking you to say clearly, yes or no.

Irvin's hard work has paid off.

Don't ask who she is.

Julie dialed 911.

I have no choice but to do that.


I dashed off the report.


Let's take a picture for memory's sake.

She was seduced by Linley.

Let Rathnakumar do all the talking.

Although she had a bad cold, Liisa went to work.

You might be able to help Sergio.


I don't care if you come or not.


Can I have a copy of that?

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The village head decided to build a large granary to protect the grain from the weevils.

Those people are political allies and will help each other.

Haste is a deed of Satan.


Bob asked the teacher some questions.

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Where is Damascus?

I don't want to buy it for you unless I'm sure you want it.

Look what happened to her.

What Howard thinks doesn't matter now.

When did Richard get married?

"Have you finished?" "No, I haven't even started."

Curling is my favorite sport to watch.

We met them here.

It didn't happen the way you said it would.

There are such shops about.

I'm leaving, but you don't have to cry.

Clara's lack of responsibility drives me mad.

I told you I'd think of something.

Nou was asleep.

The novel I'm writing next is set in a love hotel so I wanted to see what one actually looks like.

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This isn't a handout.

We've got to find her.

This is likely our last show.

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Sonia had a very amused look on her face.


These beams will not carry the weight of the roof.

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We'll get back to that.


Would you take part in this event?