The dining room has two doors.

Manuel is badly hurt.

To prevent hijacks, all carry-on baggage is carefully inspected.

Gin is not my friend.

Nor are there any woods on the moon.

I'm tired. I just want to go on the teacup ride and take it easy.

Rakhal, this is Svante's brother John.

Shahid isn't very open to criticism.


I got up to greet them.

Stacey said you don't know how to swim.

What time do you leave your work?

Part has a cousin who is a doctor.

Roger asked me to do it.


I was so happy back then.

I should've stayed with them.

You told me I was a princess.


Did Danielle really break up with Emmett?


The boss of our company is always on the go.

Lewis seems relaxed.

We'll discuss this later.

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Do you think it's safe to do that?


Speak to the manager of the firm.


I thought it was fun.

I watched that new film about giraffes; I didn't like it.

It's good for you, so please eat it.

The explosion was so powerful that the roof was blown away.

Alfred told Annard the same thing.


You don't have to do this for me.

She works from nine.

The man assured us that she didn't commit the murder.


Liz drinks between three and six coffees a day.

I just had a bad dream.

She was baptized Hon.

Let's go for a walk.

I wrote it.

The capital was bombed again and again.

The list keeps growing.

They fell into the difficult problems.

When is she to go abroad?

Takao sang a song while he washed the dishes.

They won't find you.

Her name was Inge; she was a poor child, but proud and presuming, and with a bad and cruel disposition.

He spoke kindly with me.

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He has taken charge of his father's company.

That boy is very clever.

They studied it a little bit, but they couldn't spend all day finding out what to do, so they finally picked up the other one, and the water went out again, all over the floor.

Can I see you a moment?

The ship sailed up the Thames.

How much are they?

What are the main sights around here?

Rhonda succeeded.

Are you English?

Were those Dion's exact words?

I should give Tanya another chance.

I'm eating everything.

I like that dog.


Sjouke was a great teammate.

Ken couldn't wait to get back home.

You're finally going to be a June bride, aren't you?

It is true that he couldn't know the truth.

Did Rahul say anything?

We're being followed.

I cannot help laughing at him.


How many nights do you intend to stay here for?


What did you think of her?


You're making yourself appear cheap.

Val put his hat back on.

Barrett is a lot busier than I am.

Karl got lost because the route wasn't signposted.

Here's a copy.

You should know that by now!

I've never been anything but honest with you.


That's always a big concern.

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The thing speaks for itself.

Come watch us play music sometime.

I tried to get up at six this morning.

It's happened three times so far.

A huge crowd of people waited.

I know something you don't know.

You've won my heart.

I haven't seen Robbin since he left.

It is the last straw that breaks the camel's back.

Mahesh looked a little dazed.

My daughter is blonde.

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I've already spoken to them.

How will it all end?

I can fly.

Tarmi didn't seem to be so busy.

Nobody loves war.

Don't forget to stop by the supermarket on your way home.

I dropped my earring.

I can't survive without air conditioning in the summer.

When were potatoes introduced into Japan?


The two of us aren't that good at chess. We're just playing because we felt like it.

Natraj groaned loudly.

The frost will ruin the crop.

It has nothing to do with that.

Stefan may eat whenever he wants to.


Sanjay avenged Johnnie's death.


The practice of lean manufacturing principles streamlines our production process, which in turn increases output.

Matthew gave me a sleeping bag a few weeks ago.

She's writing something in her study.


This watch needs repairing. It gains 20 minutes a day.

Susumu got married when he was just eighteen years old.

Floods have ravaged parts of Germany.

Let's kill the filthy usurper!

He solved the problem effortlessly.

I want my share of the money.

Everybody liked me.

I thought that you were able to speak French.

I will keep you warm.

I have no pain in particular.

I want to try it.

People are always saying that.

Stephan hasn't finished his lunch yet.

Tal sounded a little disappointed.

I'll take care that you don't meet with any injury.

Stop wasting everyone's time.

She bought vegetables yesterday.

This is all the money I have.

They'll get married sooner or later, I think.


Why don't you just quit your job?

The restaurant where we're going to eat dinner isn't far from here.

In fact, Dorothy told me you were dead.


She ruined it.

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Didn't you just repair that three days ago?

I have to drive this car.

Certainly. What can I do?

He wasn't so stupid that he talked about that in her presence.

We need to let our students be more creative.

Even a small amount of human blood in the water can attract sharks from miles away.

Do you really want to move to Boston?

Do it carefully. I don't like botched jobs.

Read this right away.

It's going to take me a while to get this done.

However, as living standards gradually came to rise, more and more people began to have their own bathrooms at home.

Let's ask them something else.

I wish I had an answer for you.


The earth goes around the sun.

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I contacted them the other day, but I was not able to get an answer.

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Trevor is a little bit jealous.

She works hard to earn her living.

Edmund offended Dewey.

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Are these the only ones you have?


He underwent a risky operation.


Andre has been disqualified.

I'm sure Ram will make you proud.

She is accustomed to rising early.


Your French is coming along well.

I think it might happen.

Which of these dogs is yours?

I've got to get him home.

I've misjudged them.

The situation this year is unprecedented.

Waiting for a bus, I met my friend.

Mr Gilmore is not so well-known as to need no introduction.

Forget about your wives!

The Diet is not fully functioning as such.

It's just a theory.

In its graphical representation, the normal distribution is a bell-shaped curve, with the value growing as one moves closer to the middle and decreasing as one moves away.

No one knows where he lives.

Heinrich wants to know if you have heard Marie's news.

Let's see what you've got in your suitcase.

I'm also very pleased to have seen you.

I need to get to this meeting now.


Although he was in such circumstances, he made his way by himself.

How long is this movie?

Honey, I love you.