Jeannie is not well-spoken.

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Where's the bathroom?

It's a vicious circle.

Can you at least be happy for me?

This school has a zero tolerance policy.

I'm eating an apple.

The police found Adlai's hideout.

Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone.


He called together everyone who was a captain and above.

Tad was a competitor.

Just relax, Krzysztof, you're doing great.

Lean in closer.

My plan is to study in Australia.

Good morning, friends, this is the programme "Life is pain!".

Piet participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.


Sanand helps out in his father's store.

It was too late.

It's too late to change your mind now.

We're going to lunch at 1 o'clock. In other words, in 10 minutes.

I saw Becky doing it.


While the demonstration was being made, the president was taking notes.

It isn't futile to go to university.

Michael is to be on a TV program tonight.

We still need more help.

She took a change of clothes in her suitcase as they were staying overnight.

Jinchao is very contented.

Someone should talk turkey to him.

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Hunter missed the bus.

Why did you learn German?

My vacation was terrible.

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City dwellers have a higher death rate than country people do.

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Of course I understand.

He gave her a quick kiss.

Everett thinks there's hope.

They don't take prisoners.

Martha ordered a pizza.


Andrew pretended not to know why he was there.

Do you want me to make you dinner?

Have you fired Bucky?

The old woman is crossing the road.

Let me finish this game.

This was a state-sponsored criminal act.

What were you staring at?

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They won't find you.

I've always been on my own.

I love being with Saad.

If I told you, you wouldn't understand.

Naomi doesn't want to hang out with us.

I got paid to show Juan around town.

Can we change history?

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I'll consider that possibility.


See more hereof hereafter.


He was all alone in the room.

My brother-in-law is a cop.

I'll try my best to be there on time.

Jared is brushing his teeth.

Eddie has already given me permission.

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Do your best whether you win or lose.


Anna is lecherous.

Dawn is going back to prison.

Now it is my turn to speak.

Marguerite couldn't resist the temptation.

The gate is open.

What did you think when you actually met me for the first time?

I never want to do this again.


Klaudia couldn't be with us today.

Dogs have masters, cats have servants.

Don't depend on Leila too much.

He came to see me all the way from his hometown.

I can take care of it.

Hirotoshi can't read all these books in one day.

He is subject to fits of anger.

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I will accompany you.

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You don't have to eat with Stevan, but I wish you would.

We're in a lot of trouble.

And now I have observed that some felt upleasantly toward me for this reason too.


I went to a concert with her.


You didn't see nothing.


Don't mess with me!

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I think it's highly unlikely that Irving would be interested in buying your old MP3 player.


Marcos felt he had no other choice than to confess to police.

The old man, in a voice that seldom rose above the howling of the wind upon the barren waste, was singing them a Christmas song.

He's handsome and charming.

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We shall overcome all our difficulties.


The place is surrounded by cops.

It's too bad that you couldn't come.

Shamim was working last night.

Flies and mosquitoes interfered with his meditation.

I can't do this without you.


Father fixed the car.


If this problem weren't serious, Case wouldn't be here.


I need to go home a little early today.


We require the garden fences for immediate delivery.

Ji is not much older than Jwahar's daughter.

I'll miss my teammates.


He finally yielded to the request of his wife and bought a house.

I considered going to Armenia.

Dorothy and I study French together.

If you want us to help, just ask.

Liz has been dead for eight years.


The plan has many practical difficulties.


Both Spy and Roxana laughed.

No additional information is available at this time.

He was nearly killed after being run over by a car.

What do you think about this?

I feel like a burden to everyone.

When will you finish this translation?

I can't believe it's already been a year since Kate left.

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Unfortunately, our father is not in heaven, but in a jail cell.

You can't worry about me anymore.

I'm fairly sure Stacy will be here by 2:30.


I have a feeling that something is lacking in my life.

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How would you like it?

The earth moves around the sun.

The moon looks so perfectly round right now, it could be the base of a cone.

Many Italian-Americans can't speak Italian.

We were lucky.

With hard work, your plans will succeed.

He's learning Chinese.

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Love doesn't exist.

The traffic's congested.

The politician said that he had paid all his taxes and done nothing illegal.

Catherine often helps Thuan do her homework.

I hope she's wrong.

I know what she's thinking.

Life is enjoyable.

Shouldn't Ravi be here by now?

He dried himself with a towel.

The beach, bordering the Gulf of Mexico, teemed with tarballs.

I am indeed very glad to hear that.

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Warren is very conscientious.


He apologized for having offended her.

Duke is always nice to everyone.

Who'd like ice cream?


Your battery is low.

Many people think that sponge cake is difficult to bake, but if you use enough eggs, nothing can really go wrong.

It seldom snows here in winter.

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Maybe you shouldn't quit.

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Barton is quite introverted.


The answer to that's obvious.


He doesn't care if his car is dirty.

You don't disturb me.

Jane drowned in the ocean.

My grandfather died in Korea.

Russell had a life insurance policy.


Do you always listen to my phone calls?


Did you see what it was?


That pasture is ten acres.


You don't stand a chance against her.

Clean out the room in the morning.

How much will it cost to get to the airport?

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You're even prettier than Jess said you were.