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Co-funded by Erasmus+, our online training platform aims to support school teachers in South Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania) who wish to become future school leaders by strengthening their leadership skills and competences.

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We are 7 partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Spain, Turkey and the UK dedicated to provide an innovative and visionary on-line platform to provide support, challenges and inspiration for teachers who wish to become the school leaders of tomorrow. Our efforts intended for teachers from schools across the educational systems (Early Years, Primary and Secondary) in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Turkey. TrainLead is funded by the EU programme Erasmus+ (Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices) and will run from November 2016 until December 2018.

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Course 1 - Professional Profile of the Effective School Leader

Offers you an inspiring overview of current leadership concepts. It will provoke you by introducing a new model that you can utilize in your...

Course 2 - Developing Effective School Teams

Focuses on building strong and motivated school teams. You will be able to get a more clear picture of concepts and practices related to...

Cursul 3 - Strategii de comunicare pentru liderii de școli course image

Course 3 - Communication Strategies for School Leaders

Offers an inspiring journey in the field of developing your effective communications, both internal and external. The key concept in this...

Cursul 4 - Antreprenoriat și inovare în cultura școlii course image

Course 4 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in School's Culture

Focuses on two important topics for any educational leader not only in Europe, but on global stage. These are Entrepreneurship and...

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May 2018
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Why Head Teachers Should Be More Aware of Children's Behavior and Its Impact on the Teaching Staff

So, is it true that Head Teachers in schools do not know what's going on in their schools, particularly – in the realms of children's...
September 2018

Leadership Team Training Is Important

Development of leaders at every level of the organization is vital in today’s complex business climate. Organizations today need to provide...
November 2018

Providing GOOD Leadership

Wouldn’t it be nice, if those we elected, selected, or ascend, to serving us, as our leaders, focused on doing what might be, our best...

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