The situation was hopeless.

Why did you give him money?

We chose Henry captain of our team.


I really missed you when you were in France.

When was the last time you baked a cake?

If it had not been for antibiotics, medicine would not have made such remarkable progress.

Your lives are in great danger.

No one came except Manavendra.


Endorphines are natural analgesics.

I'm feeling bad.

John has five apples.

There were two careless mistakes on his paper.

A dog bite is more serious than a mosquito bite.

Yes, bring me gruel.

The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt Duncan.

I need a red pen.

She tried to lift the box, but found it impossible to do.


I saw her three weeks ago.


I'm giving you a chance.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

I didn't expect these results.

As it happens, I don't have any money with me today.

Matti isn't at home, but Leif is.

It's possible, isn't it?

Virtue is insufficient temptation.

Maybe we really are alone.

I said stop this now!

Bjorne was busy day and night.

It's close to my home.

Since when has he been living in Ankara?

The forest is said to be haunted.

Laurianne isn't always as busy as he says he is.

I think we understand each other.

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His advice is always very rational.


Go and see if you can find them.

I really want to impress him.

All these new blocks will undoubtedly impact the loading speed of the home page.

This is a matter of the utmost gravity.

Many poets equate death with sleep.


It was cold outside.

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We have to keep trying until we succeed.

I won't take up much of your time.

DDT is a carcinogen which was commonly used in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

Because the Japanese morning train is very crowded, I would be out of breath if I caught the express train at 8 in the morning.

The Second Solar System War devastated the home planet.

I closed the window for fear that the baby should catch cold.

I am because you are, and therefore we are.

I'm so sorry about it.

That doll is scary.


I don't know who invented the dictionary. Was it a Sumerian? Was it a Chinese? I know one thing though, the dictionary is a wonderful invention.


I like brown toast in the morning.

Dick cut through the parking lot.

I just saw Hwa in the lobby.

I don't see anything special.

The fire is spreading to the gas tank.

Allah is the greatest.

I am losing my soul.

Who's next on the list?

Do you ever laugh?

I thought you could use this.

I still haven't decided where to go.

I should've tried something else.

If I had the money, I would often go out and have fun.

Daren is a crybaby.

Peter is English. Is Susan English, too?

Bring him here.

I was wondering when you'd get here.


There aren't many good tunes coming out nowadays.

After that, Mike tells Hiroshi to fasten his seat belt.

You must take what Miki said with a pinch of salt.


She had fun with it.


Do you think it could've been done better?


I had a lot of fun playing tennis with Shankar.

They were fine.

Chet needed a hammer.

I couldn't hear what they were saying.

What do you know about them?


The machine generated large amounts of electricity.

He was given the benefit of the doubt.

Watch out for her. Her weapon is language - if she wants to, she'll talk you to death.

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His help is indispensable to us.

Congratulations, and thanks for everything!

It's very convenient.

But your mother is going too.

Hundreds of thousands of people were out of work.

We've been friends ever since.

It is such a nice thing to say that I felt the need to say it.


I'm going to bed for real.

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The thief was traced by the stolen goods.

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Annard presided over the meeting.

He kept reading a book.

Who was the thief?

All his endeavors proved unsuccessful.

Donn convinced Travis that it wasn't his fault.


I don't want to mess with that.

I said stay back!

It's not what you think!

In 2009, a man in New Zealand cooked and ate his pet dog.

I'm practicing judo.

I helped Kathy give his dog a bath.

Any day would be alright with me.

If only you'd thought of that before shooting your big mouth off.

You aren't really going to buy Margot's old tractor, are you?


Is Matti right?

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Everyone has a name.

You can't back out.

This is a message for him.

We thought some students would come, but there was nobody the classroom.

Don't you ever wonder why?

Pull your head out of your ass!

Curt baked three pies.

They've got a telephone next to their bed.

He is kind and gentle, and what is better still, honest.

Actually, she's very transparent when it comes to emotions.

Clem trusts us.

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We've got one hour to find them.


To love and to cherish, till death do us part.


I would go except for my headache.


To tear away from his dream world and, doing the daily needful, to step into reality was for Kamel increasingly painful.

In order to better use a language, and to understand it better, you need to learn new words.

They are boiling water for tea.

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They'll be ready for that.

I couldn't help but overhear what you said to Brandon.

Louis seems troubled.

A big crowd stood in the street.

Your parents would've been proud of you.

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I somehow got a passing grade in mathematics.

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Does anyone here know how to do this?

Narendra, do you copy?

Marcos will be a centenarian next year.

Kelvin's hobby is geocaching.

Someone has stolen Elvis's guitar.

I'm sure that's not the case.

Apparently, he's still alive.

It's all white.

Price has a big TV.

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The thunder scared the children.

Tell Luc you don't need it.

I'd forgotten that you'd forgotten.

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I have lived here since 1990.


A sailor is at sea much of the time.

"Clara, do you love me?" "Sure, I do."

If she hasn't missed the train!

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This doesn't feel right.

The store is almost empty.

You sound like you're not having any fun.

I washed my own shirts.

In his retirement speech, Polly said he wanted to be a family man who plays football rather than a footballer with a family.


She was accused of having lied about the affair.

The English people in general, are extremely fond of their pets.

I've lost weight.

Everything in her room is small.

I'm sure Kusum has told Stephe by now.

I am really aggressively looking for a boyfriend

Thanks, Antonella. You've been a big help!

Shall I pour some beer for you?

Panzer closed the door and he and Kimberly started kissing.

Could you please acknowledge receipt of this note?

Solar energy poses no threat to the environment.

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He was born in a small village in the south of Turkey.

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We'll be back in an hour.

Join me!

How much does a cup of coffee cost here?