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Ramon sprang to his feet.


Far from eye far from heart.


He was lying on the couch.

Raanan is texting frantically on his phone.

I made a few modifications.


It's a mistake.

I don't need your money. What I need is your time.

It's a three-ring circus in this place.


For all other requests, please hold the line.


I walked for two hours in the afternoon heat.

That made me change my mind.

I didn't want to put it down.


How did things go last night?

Much as I'd like to come, I'm afraid I'll be too busy.

How many kinds of birds are in your garden?

I'm not cranky.

Even Japanese people make mistakes using the prefixes 'o' and 'go'.


Compare this copy with the original.

I don't understand you sometimes.

I think the time is right to introduce this product.

It's good for us to eat vegetables every day.

How many times a minute does the average person blink?

Vincenzo doesn't like eating fish.

"Would you get me a cup of coffee?" "With pleasure, my dear."

Do you have a contingency plan in place?

We left when it was too late.

Do I really remind you of Maria?

Srinivas picked up a magazine and started flipping through its pages.

Carter may not be as happy as he seems.

I love him more deeply than any other man.

The more you listen, the more you speak.

Bob was always in a tight spot with the police.

Valid all day, in all zones.

Why didn't anyone tell me?

The human mind is magnificent.

The X-15 was powered by a liquid rocket engine and carried a single pilot to a height of more than 60 miles above the earth.

Today, I want to run on the beach.

Have you already written in your diary today?

I did it in haste.

The sooner we're paid, the better.


There is something wrong with my car.


Hein became a whistleblower.

When she heard that they were so happy, and so well off, envy and hatred rose in her heart and left her no peace, and she thought of nothing but how she could bring them again to misfortune.

When the thought of what I had done came to mind, I felt like an assassin.

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Stay with me, dad! I'm afraid of the dark.

I've made a big mistake.

Dan and Linda were high school sweethearts.

I understand you wish to contact your husband.

I asked them not to overreact.

I can't believe Meeks said that.

Mikael will be furious.


If Stephen calls, tell him we're on our way.

You haven't taught me.

As she looked around to see what she had done she began to cry.


I became acquainted with beautiful Polish women at the university in Brazil, and I also met there some very friendly people who could speak Polish.

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Martha meant for you to have this.

I'll never find a keyboard patch that actually sounds like an electric guitar.

You were very kind to us.

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Joon was proud.

It's been ten years since I came to Tokyo.

Daniel says he did nothing wrong.

We hope to do better this week.

I'm Cindie's guardian.

Let's go make fun of her.

I haven't started yet.

We helped them.

Since I was tired, I went to bed early.

I must remember to mail the letter.

Susanne thinks he's better at French than he really is.

Beth is committed to Chris and eagerly accepted.

The lava burned away the houses at the edge of the village.

Won't it be dark in the rain?

I met Urs at church.

Don't say anything unless someone asks you a question.

I think I'll snooze for a while.

She has started acting strangely.

I'm going to tell you what I think.

I believe it is a genuine Picasso.

Hunter enjoys reading detective stories.


I don't want to eat a live lobster.

May I have permission to board this ship?

He has the foot in the grass.

Am I the only one worried that the plan won't work?

Kit was buried Monday.

Are you wearing face mask?

We should help.

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Parking is not allowed here.

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Jeans are now in fashion among girls.

Barbra knows everyone who's anyone.

I don't know how to repair it.


It is me that painted this picture.


Teriann pushed the wheelchair into Vincent's room.

Curtis didn't want to be late.

Give them the $300.

The session will be prolonged again.

I'm not sure I get it.


I need to find out who Bertrand was with.


Ken looks happy.

Can you prove that?

She speaks not only German and French, but English as well.


I'm sorry to bother you at home.

You have to come with me.

Journalism is the first rough draft of history.

I could tell you some things about Jianyun that might surprise you.

I'm going to travel tomorrow.

I know Herb wanted to meet you.

It makes things easier if your matrix is sparse.

The next night, I did not sleep well.

I'm not asking you to go on a date with Kenn.

The number of people who die in traffic accidents is surprising.

When you get a chance, check out the new restaurant down the street.

The question is how to say no without making Eva angry.

I can't stay here.

This circle was drawn by a compass.

Josip is a madman.

To my disappointment, he had already started.

She told him a joke, but he didn't laugh.

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What are the meal hours?


Anthony seems very nice.

I still think Pete doesn't get it.

You are dying to go fishing.

She got burned on her right hand.

The result remains to be seen.

It's obvious you two want to be alone together.

I've never seen Jean-Pierre do what you say he always does.

Both of my parents died when I was five.

There are a great many forest fires in America.


When is blueberry season?

I want you to listen to what I have to say.

We've been together for 2 years.


Do you believe in eternal life after death?

Carl loosened his tie.

What good would it do?

Merril wanted to be a teacher.

Sorry to have disturbed you.

He has a firm purpose in life.

It is interesting to note that

A monster lies on a rock near the top of the mountain.

I don't care what you do to Izzy.


Rahul spent many years in prison.


He thought he could get her to like him if he ingratiated himself with her mother.

No one has that right.

We'll help Dion, but not now.

I eat a boiled egg for breakfast every day.

One becomes a good writer just as one becomes a good carpenter: by planing down one's sentences.


"How about a cup of coffee?" "I'd like to, but I have a previous engagement."

The five of us stood in a circle holding hands.

Don't take things too seriously.

I've worked hard all my life.

He built it.

I don't like big dogs.

Lukas was sitting on the couch with Lynn watching TV.

Does it matter to you when we come?

I wish Tollefsen hadn't told Gabriel I'd been in prison.

A hare raced with a tortoise.

The heavy door swung open.

Don't confuse astrology with astronomy.

Nickel is a hard, silver-white metal.

My dream is to make it as an actor in Hollywood.

Are you sure you don't want to wait for Val?

The boy grew up to be a scientist.

If you believe in God,neither superstitious ill deed nor well deed will affect you

How deep do you think the water is?

Takao says he needs to talk to Lenny about something.


It was decided that the manager, as the company's representative, would go overseas on business trips once a week.

I never work on weekends.

I hope that won't happen again.

Tell me to leave and I'll leave.

No matter what may happen, you mustn't forget your smile.