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Smoother takeoffs
and landings
Our Approach

We invest in high-growth technology companies at the seed stage.

Although we will invest in great companies outside of our core focus areas, we are most interested in companies solving challenging problems in the following areas:
The democratization of value allocation, governance and trust that blockchain technologies enable are indisputable, and we are excited to support the protocols and applications driving this next wave of innovation
We believe the internet has entered its next major evolution where users will hold service providers to a higher standard and will reclaim ownership of personal data, created content, and their identity on internet.
Smart -Contracts
We are very excited about the value that will be derived from immutable, auditable digital contracts that will drive the next generation of business logic at the core of any blockchain implementation.
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We focus on companies that demonstrate the following characteristics that we believe are fundamental to success:

We look for motivated founders with strong domain expertise but also the necessary management skills to motivate a team and manage resources.
Peter Thiel famously asked, " What important truth do very few people agree with you on?" - We are interested in companies with a core value that is derived from a unique insight into an important issue.
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We typically invest before product-market fit has been established, however the company should have a deep understanding of and validation from at least one user acquisition channel.

"Product/Market Fit means being in a good market
with a product that can satisfy that market."

- Marc Andreessen


We look to engage with the community in the following ways:



We pursue equity investment into companies that that are addressing challenges outlined in our investment thesis, and founding teams that we can bring value to beyond a financial contribution.                                     aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



We actively seek out co-investment opportunities alongside strong venture partners – an area that has proven successful in the past. This can take the form of seed capital financings, private placements and other arrangements.



We are interested in supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. Whether it be a formal or informal advisory role, we enjoy refining ideas and connecting new business owners with the tech community.



Collaboration is at the core of value creation in technology. We leverage our network for growing companies by introducing business enablers whether that be investors, customers, or team members.


Featured Investments

Fantasy 6

Engagement platform for sports fans.

Acquired by Victory Square (2016)



A biotechnology company developing a fully automated pathogen detection platform for use at the site of sample collection.

IPO (2016)


Decentralized data management and security solutions

Victory Square Technologies

A blockchain-focused venture builder.

IPO (2015)


A blockchain platform that focuses on financial services, supply chain management, and smart contracts.


Sports betting protocol on the Ethereum blockchain.

About the Team

Mike Rowan is a Canadian businessman, investor and mentor focused on technology companies. Past investments made at the seed stage have crystalized value through the respective company’s acquisition, initial public offering, or growth into a self-sufficient business. Mike draws on years of experience building product, assembling teams, and advising entrepreneurs. He continues to refine his approach to both company building, and start-up investing to identify opportunities and create value for himself and those around him.