How many patients do we have on life support?


Bobbie's very highly strung and easily offended.

I don't know where to put it.

Let's hope I'm wrong.


Please don't ask unnecessary questions.


Jerrie asked Vic to open the gate.

I leave my windows and doors unlocked most of the time.

We need a place to stay for the night.

My parents were born in Aichi Prefecture.

Another bottle of wine, please.

I'm sorry, I can't talk about this right now.

She met him for breakfast.

Our team defeated our opponent 5-4.

I successfully persuaded her and we went on a date.

Valentin has probably already left for school.

Rob doesn't want to disappoint his parents.

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Patricia was never really in love with Doyle.

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Edwin lived next door to us when I was a kid.

I'm betting it doesn't even exist.

Jayesh put some flowers in the vase and then put the vase on the table.

Today it's difficult to make ends meet.

We're just finishing up.

You guys are a problem.

You bake in your kitchen.


Many a student studies at the library.


The Orion capsule may one day carry human beings to Mars.


Why are you so upset?

Have fun!

That quarrel distanced him from his father.

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I simply don't understand.

Bernie is untrustworthy.

Nagoya is a city famous for its castle.

I like the way it sounds.

I'm not sure Lawrence is going to survive.

What we do is up to you.

Dan found out more about Linda's past.


To accept gifts is human, to give to the poor is of gods.

Take this home with you.

Both of the rooms are open.

Bangladesh became independent in 1971.

The flood did the village extensive damage.

I don't have a snowball's chance in hell.

She paid them a most generous compliment.

These shoes are too tight.

Dan's first wife had died of natural causes.

I'm sure everyone understands.

Hello, my dear.


I'll get ready now.


I hardly know you.

I'm just too busy to stop to eat lunch right now.

I play mahjong only now and then, because if I made a habit of it, I'd end up wasting all my time on it.

I kept one.

Now we are afraid of the paradise we created.


Bertrand didn't need to buy this.

Brad has probably done this before.

Robin looks very cute when he's sleeping.

Joanne is rude and selfish.

The student is in the classroom.


This blurs the line between news and advertising.

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And then he started kissing me again.

If you are to get ahead in life, you must work harder.

I'm not asleep.

It's not that big of a deal if Hartmann doesn't like me all that much.

He came a little after noon.


You like girls, don't you?

Was this man threatening you?

Can you bring her?

I think we'd better wait a little longer for Price.

This homework is difficult for me.


What's the real reason you don't want to go with me?

We're ready to play.

Sundar doesn't want to be rich.

May I use a credit card?

He cannot swim a mile.

I love my enemies.

I trust Hui as much as anyone.


I love all berries, but especially strawberries.

Panos isn't very creative.

I love a woman.

Scott bought a packet of cigarettes under age, and claimed he was buying them for his father.

Jackson is my family name.


How far is it to the library from here?


June and I both like sailing.

I want to kiss Noemi.

The stock prices are at an all-time low and this fact casts doubt on the existence of true competition among pharmaceutical companies.


Advice is like salt.

Why don't you take your temperature?

She fell totally in love with him.


He's anxiously awaiting the results of his exam.

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It's getting stronger.

You're white as a ghost. Are you sick?

Paola had no idea why Donna left early.

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I was through the war.

Yesterday, Gregor was injured in a motorbike accident, so he can't attend gym class for the time being.

Why would I want to go there alone?


I'm not going to miss Sonja.

Carsten is the assistant manager.

This product is expensive to produce.

If you had helped me, I would have succeeded.

I would have said yes.

They didn't speak.

It takes an hour to get to the station on foot.

I don't think that's funny at all.

This child talks like an adult.

We just have to swallow it.

Where's the original?

How long do I have to wait for the next bus?

Some are wise and some are otherwise.


He can't get on in the world.

I should've been there for them.

I must buy a new suit for my son.


Penguins often huddle together to keep warm.

He has not less than 100 dollars.

You're welcome!


Pria will assist us.

Leo passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Tricia is beautiful.

I considered not going.

Anyone can hurt a painter.


We've been meaning to talk to you about that.


I don't feel much like laughing.

Matthieu waited alone in the hallway.

I'll never leave Boston.

We walked along an avenue of tall poplars.

What do you guys want anyway?

Have you already decided whether you want to go or not?

We shall solve the problem without any difficulties.

Caleb didn't return my calls.

Her sons as well as she were happy.

Cranes are big beautiful birds.

He asked her if she knew him.

Tim is swimming in the pool.

She cooks for him every day, but he doesn't appreciate it.

That wasn't very clever.

How old are you both?

How much does it cost for one person?

Theo knows the drill.


This kind of magazine can do harm to young people.

Hamilton certainly knows who Stanly is.

She is a drooly girl.

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If you listen to the lyrics, you'll realize that they don't say anything.

We asked Drew about that.

You're more than welcome to come over.

The rubber band broke with a vicious snap.

I passed the test with flying colors.

I was a healthy child.

I admit that I'm tired.

He deserves a promotion.

She is a pleasant person.

I think this is a good project.

I missed the last bus, and was obliged to walk home in the rain.


I've enjoyed talking to you.

That publisher specialises in children's books.

We will defeat them.

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If anybody can fix it, it's Ravindranath.

Robin is still too out of breath to speak.

We're so glad you could come.

He fell asleep under the tree.

I thought Diana was very good.


They're friends of Maarten's.

You didn't need to take a taxi.

You should know by now that Kriton isn't very good at singing.

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I won't say anything to Vern about this.