Animals and plants live on this planet.


The team shares the opinion of their captain.


Plans for a new trade zone are still on the drawing board.

We're on the same boat.

Science and technology have come to pervade every aspect of our lives and, as a result, society is changing at a speed which is quite unprecedented.

What's Rodney's favorite movie?

We wives have to stick together.

I discussed it with Joachim.

My job is to wash dishes.

Young people like his books.

I'm lying.

Dan and Linda had a common bond.

I am interested in Chinese religion.

Randolph isn't old enough to get a driver's license yet.

I don't actually have them.

The bill amounts to fifty dollars.

Mick poured The a cup of coffee and topped off his own.


Actinium-227 occurs in uranium ore.

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It is worth noting that Lander made the necessary modifications.

My name is Stanley, and this is Patty.

I had my passport photo taken last week.


Son drinks a lot.

Archie shot himself.

Can you cut my sandwich in half?

The parents want to give their son the best education.

Find out what Bobbie is carrying.

There was a welcome mat in front of the door.

I'd like to buy a good dictionary.

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I'm anxious about his safety.

Who do we see next?

You are a strange man.

She did not keep her word.

I think we don't need to do this anymore.

Start reading on line thirteen.

I dropped Rudolf off at daycare.

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Irwin solved that problem.

How long's Harry been sick?

We should never have given up.

Tell me more about them.

Love and friendship are mutually exclusive.


"That was such a bad movie, right?" "Yeah. I feel like asking for my money back!"

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Ji often visits me.


There is a 25 euro supplement for the high speed AVE train.


People change. There's not much you can do about it.


He's realistic and doesn't believe in the possibility of miracles.


Allan is going to get himself killed if he's not careful.

I'm very impressed to read your profile.

Nora pulled off his socks.


Gilles acted like a child.

This stuff is worth its weight in gold!

That man is Perry Mason, the lawyer.

Pontus just got back from the hospital.

Let's register for that class.

Great! I'll grab my stuff!

I don't think you should drink that water.

Employers expect their employees to give 110 percent.

I've got to get out of here.

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Where do I go then?

It's bad! Very bad! Horrible!

Who would refuse such a generous offer?

Philosophy is not a thing one can learn in six months.

Let's not argue for the sake of arguing.

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It's the queen.

Richard can't make it to class today.

Irwin hopes that it doesn't snow tomorrow.

Which bus does Mechael take to work?

Someone attacked them.

Even if I were a dwarf, I would still be a giant.

I want something to read.

I made an awful mistake in the test.

This is the bar where I drank my first beer.

Maybe I shouldn't have kissed Pantelis.

Don't keep harping on the same string!

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Trying is a handsome man, apparently in his thirties.

Are you in favor of their policy?

If for some reason that happened, what would you do?

Through freeing thought from its object, Descartes enabled the viewing of the latter in only mechanical terms, reopening the way to science, suffocated for more than fifteen centuries under religious nonsense.

Yes, I also have a relationship with the prophet.

She is an early riser.

Liza shed tears.

I had no backup plan.

Shankar could hear the television blaring in the background.

Nothing bad happened.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that treats of human conduct.

I have warm feelings for that doll.

Ethan likes sports.

I don't have a computer.

Sometimes people can know each other too well.

Alcoholism is a horrible disease.

Are you guys dating now?

Finger flicks are the strongest weapon for killing cockroaches.

Please accept our heartiest congratulations on the marriage of your son.

She took Chinese medicine, which relieved her symptoms.

Kimberly isn't unhappy.


I am older than your brother.

It was such a wonderful movie that I saw it five times.

She's jealous.


We'll all be there.

He went in the opposite direction from us.

He practiced the piece many times before the concert.

She swims better than Graham.

I came.


Do you want to trade jobs?

The children soon became attached to their new teacher.

Nelken explained the rules in detail.


Removing her bikini top, yet keeping her bathing shorts on, Stacey enjoyed the warmth of the sun, delighted that lying on the beach topless was accepted as normal and that no one was staring at her or at the other sun worshippers there.

They both looked at her.

War leads to intolerance; intolerance leads to war.

The reply came after three days.

He embarked on his marriage with many hopes and fears.

I should've read the instructions.

Much as I admire him as a writer, I don't like him as a man.

They all boosted the candidate.

I'm going to stay with my uncle in Kyoto.


That car's so big that parking it is difficult.

The finals of the championship will be in Mexico.

Terri enjoys mountain climbing.

Moore is working late.

He told me the truth.


I don't want to be your secret.

You seem to know everyone here.

We offered him a nice job.


I always tried to be strict with them and not to smile.

Let's do it now.

I'm not that good at writing songs.


My mother hates to watch the television.


I know who my enemies are.

I want it to be a surprise.

Why do we have to work with Moe?


You're not as clever as you think.

Who told you to buy that for me?

You are not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say may be given in evidence against you.

I have no sense of direction so I always travel with a compass.

I met a tall man named Ken.


Doyle rescued the cat from the flames.

When I met him yesterday, he asked me about my wife.

No matter what you say, he still won't do it.

This country needs him.

What time did you get there?


Is Lojban ambiguous? Depends what you mean by ambiguous.

I have to take a leak.

The enemy has come to our country.

What does that have to do with you? This is my business!

We need to find a solution.

Ghost towns are not completely unpopulated, are they?

I made two.

I want to have a talk with you.

I used to work with him.

I know Shean isn't the one who did this.

I am like her.

When does it finish?

Thank you for doing me this favor.

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There is no table in the room.

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I left my key in my room.

This is the way Theodore told us to do it.

How would you describe her?

Russia is bigger than Italy.

Ah, we have run short of sugar.


This is all brain dead regurgitation of a lazy theory.

I hope you will have a good time in Europe.

Would you like more coffee?

The firefighters arrived in the garage.

Tell me again that you love me.

Zip it! Lock it! And put it in your pocket! In other words, please just shut up already!

Many games use dice as a random number generator.

Piete is training for a marathon.

She threw up.