I left it unlocked.

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I cannot forget those kind people.

Lila is lying asleep.

Are you looking for a specific product?

Where's Marvin tonight?

Beverly doesn't drink coffee.

Why don't we go out?

One language will never be enough.

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They are facing financial problems.

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Have you met anyone else?

I had better take my Walkman.

Charleen told Wendy that it was too cold to go outside without a coat.

The Romans built aqueducts to bring clean water into the cities.

I should've quit while I was ahead.

He carries a bag on his back.

Dan didn't even smile.

King loves fishing.

We can't trust him because he often tells lies.

Gunter has two brothers. One lives in Boston and the other one lives in Chicago.

It is less humid today than it was yesterday.


My brother and sister get up about seven-thirty every morning.


Do you think you can catch up with me?

You sold some apples at the market.

I saw her take it.

I'm writing this letter to Claude.

How lazy can you be?


To make informed decisions we need sufficient information.

He is likely to be late for school.

Life became difficult for Ricky.


I'm the one asking the questions.

Learning calculus requires a lot of practice.

I won't need them.

Having finished the work, I went out for a walk.

English is not an easy language.

He rolled over in his sleep.

The exact meanining of the word is implied from the context.

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The music ended, and they are still dancing.


Suzanne's not busy.


If I lose your love, I lose everything.


She advised him to take a rest.

I phone Thomas.

Amigo is feeling better.


Rajarshi might know a little French.

Leave everything.

It is dangerous for children to play near this pond.

What a gorgeous sunset! Let's hang around for a couple of minutes and watch it.

A moment's hesitation may cost a pilot his life.

There are challenges.

There is a rule concerning the use of knives and forks.

It was too late.

Shyam is lonely and unhappy.

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Many a man has predicted it.


I'm from Rome.

Millions of people all over the world knew about Rev. Martin Luther King and his beliefs.

That'd take hours.


She is envious of my success.

He's always late to meetings.

We have to get Tollefsen's temperature down.


We have vast amounts of unused information.

It isn't necessary to answer that letter.

Who's on duty today?

There's a big cherry tree in the garden.

I feel like I have been here before.

You should wash your hands before each meal.

His brother is all thumbs, but he is a skillful surgeon.

I buy a tape.

I would like to discuss about the price with you.


I didn't know what to do.


Both the pilot and the co-pilot are dead.

Did you want to ask me something?

The dogs were closing in on the deer.


Which people of this group are important?

We are not old.

I'd love to meet her.


I had no idea you knew him.

I couldn't let Swamy know the truth.

I think Nigel did exactly what he said he did.


A ruffian's pistol went off.


Alejandro isn't what I expected.


Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

I like both plays in our anthology very much.

Nothing else can go wrong.

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This hotel can accommodate 100 guests.


Would it be ethical to sacrifice one person to save many?

I voted for Brandon.

Recently he has come to realize the significance of married life.

There used to be a restaurant in front of this bus stop.

Should I try to talk to Joachim?

The investigators tried to identify the presence of drugs in the glass.

You should carry out your own plan.

Most students do the sights of Kyoto on their school excursion.

I am very much in love with her!

Our class will go on a picnic next week.

My eyesight is beginning to fail.

A hurricane destroyed Olson's house.

The evidence is questionable.

Perhaps Shannon can help you.

Is this beeper yours?

Is this made in Switzerland?

She won't be back till five.

Let's give them a minute.

He has a keen awareness of the problem.

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Stacey waited a moment before replying.

I bought this book in Boston last month.

I could order that for you.

Hughes may not need our help.

Socorrito was crushed to death.

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The UN has set eight milennium development goals to improve living standards for the world's poorest people.

Having finished my work, I went home.

I'm not the one who needs to lose weight.

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The question is where should we park our car.

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Peter doesn't want to go to Nepal with me.

Reid doesn't seem to be in a rush.

This might hurt.

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How do you like your eggs?

Last night saw a fire in my neighborhood.

The picture reminds me of my student days.

Werner will last.

You ought to have seen the exhibition.

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I want to know more about the man who lives in that house.

I don't know anything about programming.

You won't believe what just happened!

Older people still remember the Kennedy assassination.

I had to stoop to go into the room.

Could you show me how to start this machine?

Surprise, surprise.


He left his daughter a great fortune.

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The dog is faithful to its master.


Brooke got hit with a golf ball.


Pantelis is waiting in the conference room.

You know English?

I got my license.


I can't connect to the Internet.

We lack an incentive for pursuing the eastern market.

"Look," she said.

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He makes it a habit to keep good hours.


We've finally hired someone to replace Page.

Stanislaw doesn't appear to be carrying a weapon.

Any time I caught myself thinking negatively, I would rephrase the thought in a way that was more positive.


I made you a snack.

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Caroline used to be famous.


I know what got them rattled.


What do you mean exactly?

I need to leave before Jean-Christophe gets here.

We want to measure your temperature.

Niels couldn't tell me what I really wanted to know.

By gift of the late Mr Smith the hospital received 3,000 dollars.


I dipped my finger into the honey.

You'll be silenced.

Alain stopped drumming.

All the students are fed up with his lecture.

I don't want to go shopping today.

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"I'd like to talk to Mr Smith." "This is Smith speaking."

The law is equal for all.

Marlena will change it.