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Divide and conquer.

He got up quickly, splashed cold water on his face, brushed his teeth and shaved.

What's it good for?

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Karen loves you very much.

It might be risky.

Apparently, everyone was happy.


Her father died.

Something bad was about to happen.

I am not guided.

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Thus fought the Okinawan people.


Are you busy at work?

Cathrin doesn't need to take his shoes off.

He raised his hand.

Don't tell Edmund where I live.

We have to demand a large amount of money of you.

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For more information, contact Tobias Jackson.

How can we spread Esperanto?

I told you guys to go home. Why are you still here?

I've been a little busy.

It is necessary for you to think about your life.

Marilyn is only a little older than Sriram.

I'd really rather be in Boston.

They felt he had no chance to win the election.

Patrick is a model railroad hobbyist.

I know I should stay a little bit longer.

It depends on the situation.

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I asked Phiroze if he was nervous.


You must think I'm a creep.

Sorry, my mistake.

Whatever you do, you must do your best.


Are you free tomorrow afternoon?

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If everyone shouts at once, we won't be able to hear what the Prime Minister has to say.


Ramanan sat at his computer and started typing something.

I'm taking her to the hospital.

Johnny told me that he thinks Stagger is much prettier than Alice.

Al didn't like school until he entered junior high school.

He made himself heard across the room.

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Vic knit Ole a sweater.

I'm sure glad no one was killed.

I'm going to look for them now.

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I am painting my garage.


Timo wondered what Ping wanted him to say.

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Galen undressed and got in the bathtub.

You have to call the doctor and make an appointment.

The wine is good.

The exhibit is in Boston for three weeks.

Hey you! What do you have in that green bag?

Picasso is an eminent painter.

How you behave toward cats here below determines your status in Heaven.


The exchange rate of the dollar versus the euro has declined.


She made me so angry on the telephone that I hung up on her.

He was burning with fever.

I just want your love.


Bright as he is, he is slow in giving his opinions.

I walk my dog along the river every morning.

I would like to get a feel for your rapport with the customer.

Elias forged his mother's signature.

Thank you for helping me write my resume.


You are smarter than that.

We have a new puppy. He is about 12 weeks old.

I suppose him to be honest.

They won't believe me.

He is a man.

I've told you not to give me any hickies!

We can't interfere.

I wish I could do something.

It seems the teacher was disappointed.

Who is the author of the novel?

I'm not taking the bus.

This car is spacious and comfortable.

Here it is warm. You could put away your coat.

I'm afraid we're quite full at the moment.

I had him wash the car.

Are you really letting Anita into your home?

The battle ended before they got there.


The broad river flows slowly.

Thank you all for coming.

She was standing on a ladder painting the ceiling.


I learned to play guitar when I was ten years old.

Eat everything you wish.

Ask her to call me.


Dan never knew his parents.


I was given a computer game by my father.


Could someone explain it to me?


Markus stopped by.


I need to earn some money.


Can you suggest a better idea?


I tried for almost an hour.


Shawn can sleep anywhere.

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It's just possible that he'll eventually recover the use of his legs.

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We don't have many options.

Whatever will become of his wife if he does not return?

Olof called again.

Where would I find CDs?

Here's your order.

I don't care for eggs.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith live apart from each other now.


When the concrete is hard, we use an electric drill instead of a pin chisel.

Jerrie always insists that he's right even when we all know that he's wrong.

It is easy to make a man one's friend, but hard to keep him so.


George did business in the same manner as his father did.

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Admission to students only.

I plan to telephone Morton tomorrow and ask him to help.

Be my guests!

Volcanic eruptions in Tonga have created a new island.

When I was about to leave, it began to rain.


I don't want you in my car.

Yekaterinburg used to be named Sverdlovsk, after the communist revolutionary, Yakov Sverdlov. The oblast that it is in is still called "Sverdlovsk Oblast".

This transaction was carried out in yen, rather than US dollars.

He said he would give me a call, but he hasn't yet.

You're all I've got.

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October is still three months off.

Isabelle is alone out on the balcony.

I want to come back next year.


I've been locked in way worse places than this.

Rabbits have long ears and short tails.

You are as tall as my sister.

God, make me patient!

It's our secret.

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Are any meals included?


You have it all backwards.

I guess I always knew there was a chance that Sherri wouldn't come.

Lukas graduated in the top ten percent of his class.

If students have a question about their homework they can e-mail the teacher at anytime.

She wanted proof.

For once, Albert simply had nothing to say.

I can be exactly what you need.

The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

I miss you so much.

You shouldn't make any noise when you eat soup.

I felt tears come into my eyes.

That's an old wives' tale.

I could be there by 2:30.


I can't imagine what that would be like.

That tooth hurts.

I'm only here to help him.

Shall I have him mail this letter?

I haven't finished my work.


Don't you dare touch that.

I want this matter taken care of immediately.

We're leaving this afternoon.

Thank you very much for your hospitality.

You have a good head on your shoulders.

Soon, I'll tell you some good news.

He checked out of the hotel.

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There were too many sights to see in a day or two.

I'm going to have to cut this short.

A hurricane destroyed Uri's house.

Olivier's was the only phone number Lloyd had.

English mother-tongue speakers are embarrassed to correctly pronounce the name of the German philosopher Kant, which is a homophone for a vulgar expression referring to the female genitals.

He was contemplating the water of the pond.

The U.N. has condemned the Somalia suicide bombing that took the lives of at least 33 people on Tuesday, including six members of Parliament

I haven't had one complaint about Tim.

A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.


Does one of you want to come here and redo what I just did?


Eliot stared at Julianto in surprise.