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Are you trying to kill me?

Hey you! Up here!

The crowd made for the nearest door.

Lorenzo kneeled.

Are you going to vote for me?

Should I be talking to him?

What I want now is a hot cup of coffee.


He's in military service.

That religious cult has got some pretty off the wall ideas.

You have to be prepared for anything.

For a change, I got up very early today.

I had not waited long before she turned up.

Bruce certainly doesn't get along very well with Juan.

We were in love.

Please don't go home.

Leila told Annie about his day.

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He chucked me the apple.


Tell Leonard what Brandi said she wants.


Studying three hours a week wouldn't be enough to learn a language well.

Her hair stood on end at the sight of the horrible accident.

There are workers whose only goal is to become exploiters.


I cannot finish reading such a thick book in a week.

It can not be done by some one.

Do you feel any better today?

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I can't work with these people!

I have to speak to you about something important.

The Internet has expanded the range of my sex life; it's a bit like I upgraded to ballistic missiles.


The graduation is two months ahead.

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Brandi would like to see you in his office.

It's not rocket science.

That's a lot!


The government tried to suppress all opposition parties.


That's nothing more than greenwashing.

We're going to destroy it.

With the lack of men in my life, I'm considering turning lesbian.

That's not one of Rich's, is it?

No one has seen him since then.

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You got involved in something bad, huh?


Shutoku will be waiting at the station.

Timo said that he didn't know where Susan lived.

Many a man has lost his life at sea.

I just want my wife back.

I can't think of anything I'd rather eat.

That would be catastrophic.

Jennie has got it in for me.

Close the window.

Let's try to stop that from happening.

We heard gunshots.

Don't you think I'm right?

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I should have known better than to believe him.

Now less than ever!

Our town was added to the list of the most beautiful towns in the country.


I can't agree with you as regards that matter.

Klaudia almost never gets angry.

He has been gaining weight.


What were you thinking about?

She poured her heart out.

Marie told me that she enjoyed the drive.

Whatever I do, she says I can do better.

Jerrie took Mysore's hand and squeezed it.

Spy is stalling for time.

This isn't something I wanted to do.

What did Jinchao forget?

They attended worship.

The chief danger is that through these commentaries one may come to consider the living entity to be equal to the Supreme Lord

Many of the states owed large amounts of money.


I want to talk to your uncle.

Craig and Fletcher walked out of the classroom.

Atuqtuaq's father drives a snowmobile.


I'm flattered.

Are there any weapons in your possession?

That was the first time that a man walked on the moon.


Sometimes I'm missing all of them.


My father was a teacher.

I woke up on the couch.

I can't make her stop.

Do you have a hunting license?

Nou is strong enough to lift that.


What are we doing here?

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Are you guys having problems?


Not a day seems to pass without newspapers reporting the war.

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I'm sorry, but that's all we have right now.

Admitting what you say, I cannot agree with you.

The hijackers moved to the rear of the plane.

How many flights to Boston do you offer a day?

I might as well die as lead such a life.

Dwight held out his hands.

I'll get right to it.

I don't have a prejudice against foreign workers.

Is anyone going to eat that?


Brandon has been in prison.

The suspect is armed and dangerous.

A Mr West called in your absence.


I won't leave without her.

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There was a bad smell.

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Troops were swiftly called in to put down the riot.

I think I've already said enough.

Please accept my sympathies.

You'll never change, Alan.

The game will be called off if it rains tomorrow.


It's not voluntary.

All but one of 8 planets of the Sun lack life.

How many cars does this train have?

The mayonaise is pure chemistry.

You'll be confused.

You should grow your own food.

She left the store because she didn't have anything else that she had to buy.

If I had a choice, I'd go home now.

Kinch sort of liked Joyce.

The driver said that the first bus starts at 6:00 a.m.

Great timing!

It looks nice.

I have brown eyes and black hair.

Ernest did a fine job.

Annie asked me if I liked Kate.

It is my father's house.

We're all in this together now.

I recently learned about what Sekar did.

We were caught off guard.

Tear gas filled the room.

Come what may, you should go your own way.

It couldn't have been that bad.

You have to drive us home.


They all expressed regret over her death.


I see something moving.


You are a waiter.

He broke one of the bones in his leg.

I have a lot of work to do before I can go home.

Judith has a younger brother, doesn't he?

A monkey is climbing up a tall tree.


He quickly runs out of breath.


The doctor dropped in to see me this morning. His name is Werner, but he is a Russian. There is nothing surprising in that. I once knew an Ivanov who was a German.


Novorolsky said he'd rather not go to Boston with us.

I had nothing else to say.

He heard a cry for help.


I'm going to stay here and watch TV.


I want to join your team.

Arnold was going to kill them.

I would like a quart of milk.

Clem should be easy to find.

I should've done it by myself.

Manolis didn't even notice my new outfit.

It looks like she's got a lot of friends.

There are more pagans in Northern Germany than in Southern Germany.

Are you going to go on holiday this year?


I'm watching them.


We haven't been able to get much help.

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I'm talking to him.

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Curt didn't know what Kenton wanted him to do.


I was with him.

Maybe that should change.

I doubt if sanctions will work.

I read a lot of books last summer.

She thinks the world of him.


I'll take care of these.

Sandy seems calm.

In this hotel breakfast is served from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M.