It is a wise father that knows his own child.


The maid announced each guest.

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Action, not words.

He gave her a fond look.

Is that why you want to hurt me?


James is pretty good at it.


She went with him.

They don't look happy to see me.

I was hoping I wouldn't cry today, but I did.

I've got a little surprise in store for the downtown boys who made fun of me.

Sysko has plans to buy Microsoft.

Parents of sons stay married more often than parents who have only daughters.

Wake me up when you get home if I'm asleep.


I asked my father to buy this toy.

Someone gave him a car.

Sjouke suggested that we not watch that movie.

Much to my delight, Shirley brought me a music box from Boston as a gift.

She will make a fine match for my son.

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The battle ended before they got there.

No, thank you. I don't want any more cake.

Harv laid the book aside and looked up.


The president has abolished slavery.


We would like you to join our company.

Scientist's pleas to introduce fish quotas were ignored for too long.

As Russia and the U.S. make small steps towards easing international tensions, both sides will have many surplus missiles.

What was she doing in her room?

Good grief!

You should have left half an hour earlier.

What's that building?

Clem can be a little difficult to get along with.

I'm really sorry everything happened the way it did.

I went about with my dog.

Pablo doesn't need to be at today's meeting.

I just feel sorry for Son.

The incidence of people travelling on fake or stolen passports is not as rare as people would like to think.

I go to Hyogo University.

I just need some coffee.

I don't blame her for that.

Charles and Amanda haven't decided on a date for their wedding yet.

My Mom was exhausted.

His policy puts the accent on national welfare.

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Mussolini was a dictator.


I intend to devote a few hours a day to the study of English.


The cat fell asleep curled up in front of the fireplace.


Well done, guys.


We can do a lot better than this.

You were lying, weren't you?

If the students are bored, they will find ways to entertain themselves.

Can it be phrased in another way?

Salmon are born in freshwater streams, but live most of their lives in the ocean.

We'll go get her.

You can't go home now.

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I said I would ring again later.

I do not understand that word in isolation. Could you give me some context?

He was all chocked up about it.

Ramiro saw something unusual.

Though he is rich, he is unkind.

Do you want these?

I'm sorry. It was my mistake.

When I was a child, only children from wealthy families had ringed notebooks.

He lived a life full of worries.

He was one of the unsung heroes of the revolution.

Ramsey never knew Hirotoshi was rich.


How's everything else?

My father is busy as a bee every day.

I saw you spying on him.

People who never take risks have never had any problems.

I think Anton is nasty.


What time will we arrive in Boston?


What is that noise?

They're building a new plaza.

No needs to calm down.

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I honestly believe that.

Markus seldom visits Boston anymore.

Maria came back Monday morning.

Mr Wood didn't have any kids.

The conversation switched to politics.


That's what you said the last time.

She kept from talking during the meeting.

Are your hands free of dirt?


OK, I think I got it.


I grew up in the mountains.

I wonder where Jwahar is right now.

The pen is broken.

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Agatha used to wag school a lot when he was a kid.

During these years he wrote immortal poems.

Which prince is the legitimate heir to the throne?

Wasn't it awful?

Does this car go to Jingan temple?

The students are busy preparing for the test.

Erm, may I stay here?

I owe my life to them.

The voting continued.

I'd like to apologise to Volgograd's police.

What's the good news?


Oh my God, Vickie talked to me today!

There's a new console out. It's called the Nintendo 64!

Floyd didn't know what to say, so he said nothing.

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Do you wanna go out with me tonight?

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Why did you ask me that?

I want you to leave my house and never come back.

Come on out with it.

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Gilles made three changes.

I can't tell you his name, but I can tell you where he lives.

It being cloudy, I took my umbrella with me.

Owen wasn't able to get a visa.

What happened afterwards?


A tale never loses in the telling.

Thanks to you I've learnt a lot.

Since the coat Alan tried on was too small, the clerk gave him another one to try on.

I don't follow.

Will you be ready to leave tomorrow?

The book was about quantum physics.

I love my daughter.

What is your citizenship status?

How well do you know Israel?

I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Let's keep it civil.

Walt sacrifies himself for Thao and his sister.

Did you arrest Magnus?


How do you come to school?


Are there any apples on the tree?

I'm not afraid of lightning.

I wish I'd known that Knapper couldn't speak French.

Nguyen noticed that Radek was limping.

He is a scientist who is respected by everybody.

Do you want a new world to live in, mirror of your deepest and most truthful desires?

She abandoned her hope of becoming a doctor.


You're a terrible driver.


Spyros is quick-witted, isn't he?


I love talking to her.

She complained to him about everything.

Watch your back, Lewis.


Just like the Earth, half of the Moon is lit by the Sun while the other half is in darkness.

They broke into laughter.

I think this isn't enough.

We'll need to amend the contract so that we can pay you more.

I have my own idea on this subject.

Does Cyrus love me?

If you don't want your sentences being commented, just don't write them !


Hitler is one of the most notorious dictators.

Anna must make up his own mind.

They can't stop me.


Ad-hoc councils of town elders slowly evolved into militias.


Len explained his plan in detail.

Do you really think that's fair?

Allan eventually changed his mind.

It is easy to form a plan, but it is difficult to carry it out.

He was not sure what to do.


Send them a thank-you note for their hospitality.

Randall has grown up and can stand on his own feet now.

Shirley can't go out without putting on makeup and doing her hair.

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I have bad news for Larry.

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Yvonne has been making money hand over fist.


Get me something to drink.

Earl is driving a Toyota.

Guys, can you give us some fun facts so that our listeners will never forget your countries?


It just came out.