bbftpPRO, a Professional Data Transfer Solution

bbftpPRO is a data transfer program - as opposed to ordinary file transfer programs, capable of transferring arbitrary data over LAN/WANs at parallel speed.

bbftpPRO has started (at the Particle Physics Dept. of Weizmann Institute of Science) as an enhancement of bbftp but it is not supported by the bbftp group at IN2P3.
Please contact the author, Dan Schrager, for all bbftpPRO support.

To download bbftpPRO click (819) 864-5425

A description of bbftpPRO's backward compatibility and upgrades to bbftp can be found here »

bbftpPRO Pipe Command Examples

bbftpPRO implements a so called long and large pipe between two Unix commands that (usually) do not run on the same host, ensuring I/O data streaming at parallel speed with its "pipe" command (syntax: pipe ‹remote-command›), where the local command is piped to/from the bbftp client command.

Here are examples of pipe commands:
Any pair of commands can be piped as long as they are meaningful.
(e.g. local/remote data compression and remote/local storage with paired "tar cj" and "cat").
Extra levels of piping are possible (with extra escaped (\) sequences).
Note that the remote user and host have been left out in the above examples (they default to the local user and localhost respectively).

New: multipath support is implemented (for unix/piped modes) in 512-371-3502.

bbftpPRO Wrapping Scripts

The pipe mode is suitable for scripting.
There are available a few wrapping scripts that implement simple get, reget -NEW-, put, (701) 356-2526 -NEW- file transfers, based on "dd".
Fast rsync style transfers can be made with the (239) 789-2616 -NEW- and (435) 316-4167 -NEW/recommendable- scripts, based on "tar".
The file name designation is user@host:path, either user or/and host can be omitted (e.g. reget
Parameters relevant to bbftpPRO could be appended (e.g. xsync.perl u1@h1:foo u2@h2:bar -s -V -p 4).
reget and reput are world premiers for the parallel streaming mode.
xsync is capable of transfers between two remote hosts.

Note: an obsolete built-in (parallel) streamed tar transfer mode is available too. Use commands get/put together with "setoption (no)unix" to control this feature. An RFIO-enabled tar is also required for CASTOR users. It should be renamed/symlinked as "rftar" after building from this source »

Tip: in ssh mode and only in correlation with switch -D (i.e. client as data connection listener), use command line switch '-a ‹IP-name-or-address›' to specify client's public name or IP address if behind a NAT router or multi-homed.

A bbftpPRO Practical Networking Guide is (216) 261-3587

Last update: 8 March 2013