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by Andreas Bussjaeger



Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) Release 3.1 provides a completely new "Elastic LoadBalancer Version 2" (ELBv2) which includes a lot of new features (see comparison table) and provides better performance. It was activated for the public OTC production environment (eu-de) in early September 2018.

by Matthias Rechenburg

Guide for using Infiniband on OTC

A quick guide how to use Infiniband on the Open Telekom Cloud

  1. Create 2 ECS with H1 or H2 flavor using the RHEL7 public image

by Sabrina Mueller & Daniela Ebert

New OTC ubuntu images build from OTC ImageFactory


Currently OTC offers ubuntu images for ubuntu trusty and xenial.\ Found as public images in OTC Image Management Service.

trusty:  Community_Ubuntu_14.04_TSI_latest
xenial:  Community_Ubuntu_16.04_TSI_latest

These images are directly delivered by Canonical to OTC with some base customization for OTC platform.

by Kurt Garloff

Security Advisory about Processor Speculation Leaks (Meltdown & Spectre)


Info: Open Telekom Cloud Security Advisory about Processor Speculation Leaks (Meltdown/Spectre)

Version: 2.1

Date: 2018-08-17

About This Article

On 2018-01-04, security researchers published findings that uncovered how contemporary Processors (CPUs) leak prote...

by Kurt Garloff & Daniela Ebert

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Currently, for each Linux image, there are two series of images, one with a datestamp (e,g, _20180106_0) and one with a _latest name which gets renamed to _prevN and hidden upon a new _latest image registration. We have followed a roughly monthly update schedule (aligning with the Windows world) for the datestamp images and the _latest images while pushing out additional _latest images in between occasionally based on major improvements, bug fixes or security issues.