She can speak English, of course.

All the boys were looking at Steven.

He drinks only water.

Many Argentinians prefer to use a car and not the public transport.

Ragnar blamed it on me.

He is a smart little guy.

"Why me?" "Because, by process of elimination, there was no other choice."

Where are the diamonds?

This book should be read with diligence.

He is eating a crumpet.


I wrote to Mr Wood last week and asked him to give you a job on the farm.

To know oneself is difficult.

Where are our children?

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The treaty bans the use of chemical weapons.


There's a serious problem.

These pants tend to go baggy at the knees.

He was none other than the king.


I find your argument too convoluted. Couldn't you try to make it simpler and more concise?

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I used to like that.


Do you miss Boston?

One cup of coffee, please.

There's sad news.


You see?

The engine is purring.

Open the window and you'll have fresh air.

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That is the worst thing you can do!


Bring your friends with you.

We must leave here at once.

Give tea.

When the rain stopped, the game of tennis was continued immediately.

My father painted the wall white.


He is really a perfect idiot.

Smith's approach differs greatly from others in that he did not take the affixation into consideration.

Henry is the one who found Mikael's key.

I have no proof to the contrary.

I've been waiting all day to meet you.


We pay you well.

In times of abundance, remember the times of famine.

I hope I can see you soon.

This room is anything but warm.

They're waiting for it.


Clara said he won't come to our party.

People are too materialistic these days, in the vulgar, rather than the philosophical sense of the word.

Not a seed at home, but call me Bajirao nonetheless.

It's cool today for July.

K-cups have a large environmental impact.

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You admire Sabrina, don't you?

I am young, too.

This rarely happens.

When I return from vacation, I shall have to catch up with a lot of work.

Reiner is manipulating you.

My dear friend!

I'm in no position to help you.

Glaciers, land ice and icebergs are made of fresh water.

You should use words to make sentences, rather than try to learn them with rote memorisation.


He met his mistress during a country escapade.

Sharing a bathroom's not so bad.

Are you that stupid?


The third aria is the part in which she makes herself heard the best.


I spent twelve hours on the train.

I'm afraid it's too late now.

I'm not ashamed of who I am or what I did.

The little girl stuck out her tongue at him.

Try it yourself.

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Is it hot?

That's a given.

Alison and Delbert are from the same city.

She looks like a teacher.

I think you're both right.

This chicken is fried well.

What's your favorite way to get exercise?

Many a wild flower formed by the Almighty Hand to be a perfumed goblet for the dew, felt its enamelled cup filled high with blood that day, and shrinking dropped.

I can't help feeling something's wrong.

He works under me.

After Saturday comes Sunday.

Sjouke is a good coach.

Mongo poured a glass of orange juice from the pitcher.


When was this bridge built?

Becky just walked in the door.

Lance was convinced, but not me.


I find that frankfurters have much more taste than wieners.

I've got some gasoline right here.

It is aptly said that necessity is the mother of invention.

Everything needs to change, so that everything can stay the same.

From you I didn't expect it!

Is 6 o'clock OK?

He was expected to make a decision.

What does Will have against you?

I can figure it out myself.

Stop hiding your head in the sand.

Are you breathing?

Please don't go. Don't leave me alone here.

Eighty percent of all information on computers around the world is in English.

I'm sorry, could you repeat that?

Everything will work out.

They rule themselves.

Auctions are annoying, so I bought it instantly with a buyout.


We make progress only one step at a time.

Did Ahmet have a gun?

We'll fix this.

Please don't tell my wife.

She didn't give me her real name.


Quiet music was heard in the room we entered.


Torsten is such an idiot.

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We'll have to build a pen for the pigs.

We are all poor swimmers with the possible exception of Jack.

She disliked her husband.

There was a woman in the passenger seat of Myrick's car.

I knew you'd take Renu's side.

We've got to be out of here by 2:30.

We agreed to her suggestions.


The deer is more rapid than strong.

They entangled him in a plot.

You can never win.

Pope Benedict XVI has resigned.

Liber didn't look very busy.

You must think I'm a complete idiot.

It gets boring after a while.

I said it was all right.

Her bike is better than mine.

The police constable arrested the teenager for shoplifting.

Let's forget this happened.


That's false advertising.


Don't believe him. He lies left and right!

It was not until I saw him laughing that I realized what a fool I had been.

It weighed about 14 kilograms.


Some people have told me that I seem Japanese.


This book is full of errors.

Where's it supposed to be?

I don't want to read any paper.

I missed a period.

I feel embarrassed when I meet somebody for the first time.


If you decide to work for us, we will pay you twice as much.


Please drive us to TECO (in HITC building Cau Giay Dist.)


The school has turned out many inventors.


You don't like William, do you?

What heading does this come under?

I'm good for now.

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I rely on Ken.

I'd like to meet Vic someday.

I read the news about the landslide caused by the storm.

I'm not sure I follow what you're saying.

The ground rocked.

And how do you know that?

I'd like to do well on tomorrow's test.


The escaped robber is still at large.

He is rather poor at tennis.

He did a pretty good job.

You're in good hands.

Brandon gave some flowers to Mysore.

Are you willing to help?

When did you go to Boston with Louis?

I just said what everyone else was thinking.

I'm disappointed with you.


You'd better look at this.

The doctor told Juri that he needed to lose some weight.

AI means Artificial Intelligence.

I'd like to sleep late tomorrow.

I'd like to give this to somebody we can trust.

Why are you still single?

You have lots of phones.

As he was studying, the door was suddenly flung open.

A look of surprise came over Maria's face.


Liber's paternal grandparents live in Australia.