His debts amount to two million dollars.

Lindsay is considering taking a coaching job.

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Her look says that she loves you.


Do you think video games are addictive?

What's kept you?

Are they friends of yours?

Copying is not theft.

You're not still thinking about what Courtney said, are you?

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You will be paid according to the amount of work you do.

I became hardened to punishing pupils.

Most computers these days are based on the von Neumann architecture.

Look at how worn out he is! He literally can't keep his eyes open!

Do you have the shirt one size bigger?


Leon corrected all the errors. Now the report is perfect.

Check back next week.

She has a cleft lip.

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That was three months ago.

Time heals almost everything. Give time, time.

Joseph never found out the truth.


I just wanted to make sure you knew what to do.

Surprisingly, he is the type that worries about being in the public eye.

Two white houses face each other and stand across the way.

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Jarmo is an intriguing guy.


Surrounded by hordes of vampires, Christopher Columbus once had an epic sword duel with Count Dracula in the latter's castle. After the Count cut off Columbus's hand, Columbus calmly picked it up, put it back in place, and proceeded to best the Count.

The word "gullible" is not in the dictionary.

Oh! Show it to me please.

Knudsen heard his name being called.

How did she get there?


Look at that one there.

I feel too lazy to do my homework.

A pizza topped with mozzarella is my first choice.

I forgot to speak with Kimberly.

Alison didn't complain, did he?


You will accompany the children to school.

Where's that coming from?

I'm a little early.

He brought back his child in his car.

It likes to smoke tobacco.

The weather was very bad yesterday.

We're not supposed to have these.

Marla clenched his fist.

His scores could only be properly interpreted by authentic virtuosos.


Rahul is making magazine covers.

What's Roy going to tell Kitty?

I won't read it.

Coleen has difficulty making decisions.

Do you carry weapons?

What can I do about this?

He was standing.


Why are you curious all of a sudden?

It seems that it is getting warmer and warmer every year.

I think I found what you're looking for.

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If you don't keep your promises, people won't take you seriously.

I feel like I've done all I can. Now all there is to do is wait and see what comes of it.

Are you going to work here in Rio?

You're all wrong.

If only it could be summer soon.


He will not be beholden to special interests.

Did you know his name?

Maybe we won't have to wait.

He would be tied to a tree, and a monkey, placed behind him, would hit him on the head with a rock.

Edward was sitting at the bar three stools away from Sedat.

All his possessions are contained in that box.

The journalists in Russia are not free, are not independent.

I have to admit I enjoyed it.

I'll be right up.

Wolfgang made one more request.

It's not necessary for her to go there herself.


What's the most important to be doing now?

She visited him once a year.

Someone needs to tell her that.

Everyone is drunk.

With skill and perseverance you can achieve any goal.

Uri sold his house.

This will hold me until lunch.


I'd like to have these pants cleaned.

He's very young. He's much younger than Donal.

Did Klaus accept to teach you German?

The tea is getting cold due to the cold air.

I saw him doing it.

We should talk to them.

I went to the hospital yesterday.


Last night, I read a book.

Are you sure you don't have anything bigger?

I'll help find him.

Hunter was John's heartthrob all through high school.

A good many people were there.

Did somebody hit Plastic?

Barton is starting to make me nervous.

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Chance is a nickname for Providence.

Don't exaggerate!

Enjoy the party until the end!

I know who stole your diary.

Sal is taking the day off today.


I know I look like a gift box in this costume.

I really must finish this.

My friend said she bought a new watch.

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You should put an ice pack on your ankle to keep the swelling down.

She's done for.

How is this my fault?

He ate up his fortune by gambling.

I just got her off to school.

Case knows Curt well.

I didn't expect this from you.

Let this be an example to you.

You may answer the question.

I filled a glass.

You have no idea what's going on here, do you?

Manolis borrowed $300 from Ahmed.

My car is on its last legs.

We may never know what really happened.

Don't speak in Japanese.


I'd like to check some of my valuables.

Clem is going to help us tomorrow.

He's having dinner now.

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The credit is all his.

Jeremy only had thirty dollars.

You have a small chest.

I couldn't fight Vincenzo.

Anyi and Asun are two brothers.

They made a toast at his funeral.

I'm not cranky.

She was desperate for attention.

Maureen grew up near Boston.

Am I older than you?

It's a full-time, year-around job.


I made several mistakes in the exam.

The economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of the evil.

We cut down a cherry tree.


We haven't found them yet.

Eileen saw a couple walking their dog.

This exercise is easy enough for me to do without help.


Only she can use the computer.

That is the highest mountain in the world.

Tracy has a Dreamcast.

I cannot put up with his idleness any longer.

I'm unfamiliar with that word.

A group of foreigners arrived in Edo, in other words Tokyo.

The postman is cute.

What sort of television programs are on today?

He faked his death and assumed a new identity.

I already told them.

Mother made me a new suit.

It'll be hard to convince Malcolm to do that.

We want more money.

I'm reading my book.

I'll tell her where I went.

I told Erick to leave me alone.

I'm confused.

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He's obsessed with cleanliness.


Eggs are getting more expensive.

In his opinion Brasilia was a failure in many ways.

We shouldn't do anything about that right now.

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I studied mathematics under Dr. Brown.

I think Darren is smart.

The tide has turned.

It sure is tight.

This is old news.

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The station is nearby.

During this trip I met several interesting and very kind individuals.

I've never seen them so busy.

Cuckoos visit here in spring.

Our plans are taking shape.

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Debbie asked some very good questions.

You should judge a tree by its fruits.

Oscar tapped Matthias on the shoulder.

My children won't listen to me.

Fire will keep burning even after the twig or the stick that started the fire has burned out.

Chris dyed his hair brown.

That building was erected five years ago, I think.