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Air Resistance HIIT Bike

The FITNESS REALITY X-Class 9000 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike provides, low impact, high intensity workout that will get your heart rate going. The Infinite Air Resistance system features a 19.3” diameter steel fan that reacts instantly, no buttons, levers, or emergency stop needed. The first of its kind design allows you to high intensity interval train while still gettingthe benefits of spinning.
The X-Class 9000 features a 10 second backlit LCD console that provides readouts of time, distance, RPM, calories burned, calories burned/minute, speed, watts, max watts, rounds, sprint, and recovery. The console has 3 HIIT workout programs: 20/10 interval, 30/90 interval, and one custom interval and 3 Workout computer goal settings: time, distance, and calories that allow you reach any fitness goal. Additionally, the Bluetooth Smart technology allows you to control your preset workout programs and track your distance, time, RPM, calories burned, speed, heart rate, and watts with the free compatible MyCloudFitness App.

What Now?

Have you ever caught yourself asking "What Now?" especially after buying a fitness-related product and then not being sure on how to use it? So, what exactly would you do in that situation? There's a frustration that happens - The frustration customers feel when they buy the product, assemble it, and then have little to any idea on how the product is supposed to be used. Aiming to solve that question of "What Now?" for the millions of active participants in the fitness industry, we are building a platform for people to tune into after their purchase to understand how to use new machines through fitness instruction videos for all levels of participants - not just for the shredded Instagram model.
Introducing Stevie Richards
@StevieRichards has joined us to help created these "What Now?" videos. They'll be a series of helpful, beginner friendly fitness instruction videos on how to use fitness machines created by Fitness Reality.

To show you how to use this and other pieces of equipment, watch instructional videos with Stevie Richards, American professional wrestler and fitness coach. Stevie's fitness and training knowledge have kept him active in professional wrestling to this day, wrestlying for Ring of Honor, Wildcat Sports and even working as Guest Coach at the WWE Performance Center. Stevie Richards Fitness was born out of a desire to eliminate the "noise" from other fitness programs and keep things simple. He has helped hundreds of people improve their health all over the world with no quick fixes, just proven results from hard work and consistency. Get your own POWER TOWER and see why Stevie Richard's is using it, too!

MyCloudFitness Features

FEATURE: Average Speed
avg speed description
FEATURE: <span class='lightblue'>Average Speed</span> FEATURE: <span class='lightblue'>Step Log</span> FEATURE: <span class='lightblue'>Distance Tracker</span> FEATURE: <span class='lightblue'>Calorie Tracker</span> FEATURE: <span class='lightblue'>Weight Log</span>

Amazon Reviews

Best Value Hands Down
By ggNoRe on January 29, 2017
Ridiculously good for the price! I did a ton of research shopping literally everywhere you can think of and nothing even came close to the value in this rack/ bench combo. It does exactly what it says it will do. On top of that this companies customer service is over the top good as well. One small piece of plastic came broken in the box (most likely the shipping companies fault). I sent them a pic as well as proof of purchase and they shipped a replacement piece the same day at 0 charge. nettle potato
This is great!
By TrippNessa on April 2, 2017
This is great! My boyfriend and I have been really wanting to lose weight but we struggle to get ourselves to the gym. We just don't have the motivation to go alone, and the time of day were both home is super late and we don't really want to get out and drive at 2 AM. So these bikes have been fantastic! We lost a bunch of weight already working out at home, watching Futurama well we do so in the living room. Much more rewarding and we can do it together, so it's more fun. It's nice to... Read more
Perfectly suited for my sedentary lifestyle
By just your average consumer on December 18, 2016
Freaking love this thing. Super sturdy, easy to move around and out of the way. My only "complaint" would be the desk area could be a little bigger - it's not well suited for my MacBook and papers sitting next to it. If the padding on the bottom was straight instead of curved, then it would work, but the curving makes it so the Mac has to sit about three inches in from the side, which makes about eight inches of workspace not as easy to utilize. At first my kids made fun of me, but now I catch... Read more
Was skeptical....
By DRG on May 5, 2012
I rarely write a product review + or -, unless the product is REALLY good or REALLY poor--I'm also not the easiest consumer to impress. I am happy to write a REALLY good review for the Exerpeutic folding exercise bike. I am 6'2'' @ 215 lbs with long legs and cycled quite a bit before injuries and schedules became a bit too busy, so I do know a fair amount about bikes. I thought this might be more of a disposable bike, last a couple of years at best, be too wiggly, weak mechanics.. that kind of thing... 8159882137