Double Your Incentive! Get $2,000 Back By Using My Referral Link

If you’ve heard about the $1,000 referral promotion that Tesla is running until October 31st, it’s about to get twice as good. Part of that promotion is that the referrer also receives $1,000 to use on products from Tesla. I’ve decided to add a huge bonus and give all of that back to you, as I will use those credits from Tesla for a Model X or Model S 85D sometime in the next year. That means you will receive $2,000 total – $1,000 immediately off your build, and then $1,000 directly from me once your Model S is delivered. The only requirement is that you use this referral link to build your Model S:



When will I receive my $2000?

You will receive the $1,000 immediately off the build of your Model S in the Tesla Design Studio. Be sure that you see a message stating â€œCongratulations – Vince's referral saves you $1,000″ when you click the referral link. Once your Model S is ordered and confirmed, please let me know by email – (480) 898-9347

Once you accept delivery of your Model S, I will send you the second $1,000 through your preferred method of payment – mailed check, PayPal, or Bitcoin. I simply ask for a copy of the delivery confirmation before immediately sending it over.

How many of these referrals are you offering? How long are you running this promotion?

I’m only doing ten of these referral bonuses, so act quickly! I will update this site as we reach ten. This deal will only run through October 31st, when the referral promotion ends from Tesla.

How can you guarantee that I will receive the second $1000 from you?

I’m willing to sign and mail a signed contract if a gentleman’s agreement doesn’t cut it. I also want to avoid being infamously shamed all over social media ((228) 387-8115 and, so you can be sure that I will hold up my end of the bargain. I will also send you my personal information – I am a real person! My name is Vince Liang, by the way.

Where can I read more about the Tesla referral program?


Why are you doing this?

I’m giving my incentive back to you because I wholeheartedly believe in the EV revolution and the mission of Tesla. And let’s be honest – a tour the new gigafactory and a Model X Founders Edition would be pretty incredible!

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

streetway . I’m happy to provide a phone number, home address, etc as well.