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Marek did just fine.

Let's meet her at the station.

Nathaniel is far from perfect.

There's nothing remaining.

"Six pence per second," Bob reminds her.

We will have to stop this project for want of funds.

Come on. We don't have all day.

Sorry Link, I can't give credit. Come back when you're a little... mmm... richer!

Movie theaters are losing more and more revenue due to internet piracy.

"Did you find any dirt on him?" "No, he's clean as a whistle."

Every month I get paid 300,000 yen.


Joni had no say in the matter.

We don't even know where it is.

Everyone thinks I'm weird.

Chuck maintained his innocence.

He's from Lisbon.

He reported his accident to the police.

I can't be distracted by this.


How did you know it was Slartibartfast who stole your money?


Does Max have green eyes?


Everyone was somewhat tired after the daylong flight.

They'll find it.

Courtney said that you said something I know you would never say.

Anthony often buys expensive clothes.

He hasn't been doing anything since he graduated from high school.

I would like to go to Austria in order to study music.

I won!

I was just teasing.

What sorcery is this?


They adopted the little girl.

This is what I like about her.

Dan finally realized that Linda was right.

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What's he doing out there? Invite him inside!


Have you ever spoken in Berber?

Did you hear your name called?

Is this a picture of his own drawing?


I wish I had asked Kim for advice before I started.

You're in way over your head.

I simply don't want to be married to a drunk.


What's all the hurry?

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Should you be out of bed?

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Private companies have been working in conjunction with local communities.

Anna Freud had a profound influence on Hollywood.

Leila has made several serious mistakes.

Your questions are getting progressively more profound.

He got the money by a trick.


The responsibility weighs on me.

Take this medicine before each meal.

It's all in a day's work.

Tim isn't much older than Sally.

I will lose weight.

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Claire poured the tomato soup in his mug and drank it.

She would make a perfect wife.

Do you have smaller sizes?

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I have spots coming out all over my face.

He's away for the weekend.

There is but one chance.

I really liked him.

What exactly is it you want us to do?

The stars are shining brightly tonight.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?


For some reason, I don't cope well with those recognized as hardliners.

Education is a gateway to success.

These days no one's got enough because everyone's got too much.


She is second to none when it comes to cooking Chinese food.

He laid down the gun on the floor.

Paul convinced us to buy that painting.


There's something that isn't right.

It's senseless to worry about doing it.

Now that you have come of age, you should know better.


It scared me.

This rule cannot be applied to every case.

Today, women's only consideration in marriage is probably if you love him or not, if he loves you or not, whether he is sincere and heartfelt towards you, whether there will be pressure with him, whether there will be happiness, and not what his possessions are!

That shouldn't take very long.

Before winter I'll have the windows painted, as the paint on them is slowly peeling off, especially outside.

Leisure has been viewed as a means to an end.

You can't hypnotize me.

Can I go first?

Where could Piotr have gone?

I thought you'd be interested.

Masanao doesn't want to die.

This is where the fun begins.

The prince bowed down to Snow White.

Appearances can be deceptive.

She buried her face in her hands.

Don't go anywhere without us.

What was Boston like?

Hamilton, be quiet and listen to me.

Sandy and Ricky both screamed.

I would like to start.

I'm beginning to think you're not serious.

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She's prepared to argue without inhibition.

I think you should tell Leo that you love him.

We'll talk tomorrow.

I told Vince I'd be right back.

Arne will be able to swim soon.

Clyde wants to apologize to you.

Did I say something wrong?


The problem is that we're not sure how much money Pierce will need.

I'd like to study French next year.

I wouldn't worry about him.

Do you all feel that way?

They look great.

The young wives of old husbands have the habit of thinking early on about choosing the one who will wipe their widow tears.

She refused to speak of what had happened.

Wendell is exactly right.

It'll be handled.


She looked at a floating cloud.

I've been grounded.

Who's the highest bidder?

You can't hold me responsible.

Where did you set fire to them?

To solve the problem neither complaints nor tears can contribute.

He is tall and lean.

She had the right idea.

Tyler reassured Vince that he was perfectly normal.


Since when?


We could try to find the key.

Del quickly developed a friendship with Nate.

A new bridge is being built over the river.

Latin was the language of religion and culture.

Jane opposed our decision.

He wasn't only fined, he also had to pay for damages.

Steam locomotives run less smoothly than electric trains.


Are you an Uighur?

We are surprised to see how every creature lives.

I'm in denial.

This is unbearable.

Brendan does nothing but read books on Sundays.

This looks like a gunshot wound.

It was not in his nature to speak ill of others.


That's the way we like it.

Eliot didn't die right away.

All around is silence.

Emily stayed with Liyuan and John when he visited Boston.

My parents persuaded me not to travel alone.

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If you do that kind of thing, it's not fair to her.


Jakob's colleague has just received another prize for his research.

Why don't you just let Jurevis help?

Can you please pick one up?


Our school did away with uniforms last year.


I thought you were injured.

Ask them to help you.

I can speak from personal experience.

We will plunge into a worse crisis.

I have two three-phase power generators in my cellar.

What's happening up there?

I'm losing clients.

What's the good news?

It's hard to believe, but Bob is cheating you!

Rajarshi heard Ken shout.

That's what happened to them.

He typified the times in which he lived.

We only use 10% of our brain.


I was surprised when Thuan said he was applying for a job at our company.


Kevin gave up the idea of going to Canada.


Look at the house with the red roof.


What is this?


She looked like a daughter of a good family.

Noemi had no choice but to pay the fine.

Morris has a dark sense of humor.

Rayan may still be alive.

You're not a good teacher.


If you want to stay a member of this club, you have to fish or cut bait.