What do you think is in the box?

Japan is to the east of China.

That Marionette is a disobedient son who is breaking his father's heart!


Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine.

Why doesn't she think about me anymore?

Mom's in the kitchen making cream cookies.

She waited for him to come home.

Which one is good?


His jacket was threadbare and worn-out, as if he had not taken it off for thirty years.

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Let it be done by six this evening.

Do you understand me, Rudolf?

I'm taking bereavement leave on Jan. 30 and 31.

What is driving them?

This baggage is too big to send by mail.

The passing car splashed muddy water on me.

Try your best in everything.

I'd lock my doors if I were you.

Don't screw me over!

You've nothing to worry about.

I didn't used to smoke.


She presented me to her brother.

What makes one person a genius and another person a fool?

Don't get in people's way.


He has a camera.


What kind of camera does Philippe own?

I like to sing.

She lives in an apartment above us.

Give it to anyone you like.

Stay away from my motorcycle.

The pupils of her eyes had the blackness of a deep abyss.

I just want to sit here and think.


I asked Klaudia to describe it.

As I don't have the money, it'll just be a short trip.

Even now when I see a terakoya play, I feel somewhat nostalgic.

I prefer translating old sentences to adding new ones.

When I woke up, there were four inches of snow on the ground.

Should you lose your way, this is your compass, your guide back to the path you will follow.

My questions were met with a frosty silence.

During summer breaks, I ate dinner at midnight.

The problem is how to raise the funds.

I've got some ideas.

He's crazy about me.

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Do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy.


All I know is that he came from China.

They're paid to do that.

He reads before bedtime.


I'll call Sunil in a few minutes.


The drinks are complimentary.

You like Kenton, don't you?

Women want equality of opportunity with men.

I have been to see the cherry blossoms.

Charlie came back to Boston last October.

Can you come?

I don't want her in my house.

Charles asked me how to cook trout.

An epicanthal fold, as is found among many peoples of East Asia, can be surgically removed. The reverse procedure is not possible.

You know who I'm talking about, right?

We competed with each other for the prize.


I like math, it's an interesting subject matter.

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

Tricia climbed up the hill.


If I were you, I'd follow Larry's advice.


I know what the Jacksons were doing.


Jakob hates to work late on Friday.

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Beverly is my friend, you know.

I would rather die than leave you, Shahid!

I have never heard from him since.

This is the best thing since sliced bread! I don't know what the best thing was before sliced bread, however.

Klava decided to change her sex in the flat.

Sergio often wears long skirts.

Sylvan has danced since she was five.

The terrified woodcutter fled as fast as his legs would carry him.

This is always the way it has been.

The car would have been repaired by me.

I am anxious to see what there is to be seen of the country.

I am studying kanji.

The men went hunting for lions.


I'll ask Kathleen for some money.

Del Potro missed a backhand long at break point.

I've just arrived at the top of a mountain. That's really surprising, because according to my map, there should be a lake here.

Type the number as I spell it.

I spent my time strolling about the streets.


We should judge him according to his actions.

The horse is a useful animal.

I didn't expect you to answer.


How do you know about Kristin?

Miltos wouldn't let me date his daughter.

You are responsible for what you do.

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Give me three minutes.


He climbed the tree without difficulty.


He's an interpreter in an international bank.


No one had the heart to say he was wrong.

We haven't really spent time with each other for a while.

To put it bluntly, he's mistaken.

The cancer has spread to her stomach.

Ben represents the engine of the story.

The experiments have been being carried out since 1997.

Ravindran is getting a little impatient.

Is there a God?

What he says is true in a sense.

I'll call him back later.

I lost the book you lent me.

Somebody's coming.

His work finished, he went to bed.

All the hopes of the Belarusian people are set exclusively on the first President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and his son Kolya.

I want to help, but I'm so busy.

A few steps behind them came another group of people, illumined by a torch.

Did Rolf mention why the police were looking for him?


It rains a lot here in summer.

She will return within 3 hours.

It seems that Kylo can't swim.

I have other priorities.

Are there any beaches in Germany?

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It's possible Elric won't attend the meeting today.

I did not take anything from his bag.

Emma felt terribly out of place.

A parrot can imitate human speech.

As it is late, turn off the TV.


We've already seen this movie.

I decided to leave the school.

This isn't what I wanted.


I just need you there for support.

I make it a rule to take a walk around the nearby pond in the evening.

It occurred to me that I had left my bag on the train.

Mr Yamada was kind enough to drive me home.

Valentin is very trustworthy.

You're weird - I like you.

Daren told me he wanted to quit.

I know! Let me just say that Keiko is my SECOND cousin!

Evening was drawing near.

You should be getting dressed.

I have an appointment at eleven tomorrow, but can I change the time?

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They slept in a barn.


God created mankind.

Marsh has a funny-looking mouth.

You have to calm down.

I recognized her as soon as I saw her.


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Damon has gotten married.

Everyone in America can easily have a gun if he wants it.

I envy you your success.

The noise is distracting.

They're all different.

We're on the brink of war.

Are you still living with your mom?

We are to go on a picnic tomorrow.

Calm your nerves.

I think Irwin should be fired.

Marek hopes that Jayesh will help him.

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You still don't know what he's going to say.


He was conspicuous in his suit.


Despite my warnings, he works no harder.

I just want to see if Charles plans to come to our party.

That's what I hope Donnie will do.


The movie was longer than I expected it to be.

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She gave me a tie that's totally my style.

Markus is such a worrywart.

Bernard wore an old pair of shoes.

I've got a cold.


Helen has been waiting a long time.

I arrived there too early.

What should you do if you are bitten by a cobra?